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VOLUME 27 (1978) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Abramov A.P., Abramova I.N., Gerlovin I.Ya., Razumova I.K., Propagation of 29-cm-1 phonons in ruby under conditions of resonant scattering, and estimate of their lifetimes 1  (3)
Emel'yanov V.I., Klimontovich Yu.L., Phase transition induced by a laser field in a system of two-level atoms 4  (7)
Volkov B.A., Kopaev Yu.V., Dielectric phase transition into a current state 7  (10)
Eremeev I.P. , Neutron focus in beryllium in a synchrotron-radiation field 10  (13)
Gataullin O.F., Zaripov M.M., Ryzhmanov Yu.M., Dependence of exchange integral on the hydrostatic pressure in a ferroelectric with hydrogen bonds 15  (17)
Naumenko V.M., Eremenko V.V., Maslennikov A.I., Kovalenko A.V., Long-wave IR spectrum of CoCO3 - high-frequency mode of antiferromagnetic resonance (AFMR) and two-magnon absorption 17  (20)
Karelov N.V., Rebrov A.K., Sharafutdinov R.G., Effect of population of higher rotational levels in the course of free expansion of a gas with clusters 21  (24)
Ivchenko E.L., Permogorov S.A., Sel'kin A.V., Natural optical activity of CdS crystals in the exciton region of the spectrum 24  (27)
Plekhanov V.G., O'Connell-Bronin A.A., Experimental manifestation of polarization interaction of excitons with phonons in the wide-gap dielectric NaI 27  (30)
Grebinnik V.G., Gurevich I.I., Didyk A.Yu., Zhukov V.A., Manych A.P., Mel'nikov E.V., Nikol'skii B.A., Roganov V.S., Selivanov V.I., Suetin V.A., Effect of impurities on μ+-meson diffusion in aluminum 30  (33)
Brandt N.B., Kuvshinnikov S.V., Rusakov A.P., Semenov V.M., Anomalous diamagnetism (high-temperature Meissner effect?) in the compound CuCI 33  (37)
Shikin V.B., Multielectron bubbles in liquid helium 39  (44)
Zakharov V.E., Mikhailov A.V., Example of nontrivial interaction of solitons in two-dimensional classical field theory 42  (47)
Bekov G.I., Letokhov V.S., Mishin V.I., Laser photoionization detection of individual sodium atoms via Rydberg states 47  (52)
Golovanova N.F., Ibraeva E.T., Neudachin V.G., Anisotropy with respect to the Yang-Treiman angle in quasielastic knockout of clusters from atomic nuclei by hadrons 51  (56)
Vainshtein A.I., Zakharov V.I., Shifman M.A., Gluon condensate and leptonic decays of vector mesons 55  (60)
Nikolenko V.G., Popov A.B., Samosvat G.S., Gu K. C., Searches for superdense nuclei in the active zone of a reactor 59  (65)
Vodennikov B.D., Danilyan G.V., Droyanov V.P., Novitskii V.V., Pavlov V.S., Borovlev S.P., P-odd asymmetry in the fission of 233U by polarized thermal neutrons 62  (68)
Kosvintsev Yu.Yu., Kushnir Yu.A., Morozov V.I., Plotnikov I.A., Experiment on neutrino storage in a magnetic trap 65  (70)
Kirzhnits D.A., Takibaev N.Zh., Triton binding energy 68  (73)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.