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VOLUME 17 (1973) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Grigor'eva L.I. , Smerdov B. l ., Sapogov S.A., Chechkin V.V., Observation of Increase of High-frequency Field in a Resonant Inhomogeneous-Plasma Layer 391  (541)
Antonov V.S. , Knyazev I.N., Letokhov V.S., Movshev V.G., Hydrogen Laser i n Vacuum Ultraviolet at Atmospheric-Pressure 393  (545)
Gordon E.B. , Ivanov B.I., Perminov A.P., Ponomarev A.N., Tal'roze V.L., Khidirov S.G., Measurement of the Cross Sections of Spin Exchange of H Atoms (F = 1,mp = 0) on Paramagnetic O2, NO, and NO2 Molecules in the Temperature Interval 310-3900K 395  (548)
Veselago V.G. , Korobkin Yu.V. , Leonov Yu.S., Influence of Magnetic Field on Light Scattering in Nematic Liquid Crystals 397  (552)
Osip'yan Yu.A., Petrenko V.F. , Experimental Observation of the Influence of an Electric Field on the Plastic Deformation of ZnSe Crystals 399  (555)
Ershov L.S. , Zalesskii V.Yu., Kokushkin A.M. , Photodissociation of Iodine Molecules by Powerful 5310 A Radiation. Determination of Recombination Rate of Iodine Atoms in the Presence of Inert Gases 400  (558)
Luk'yanov S.Yu., Chicherov V.M., Dependence of Fast-Ion Neutralization on the Emission Angle in Scattering by a Metal Surface 401  (560)
Sigal M.A. , Resonant Absorption in Uniaxial Crystals with Cylindrical Domain Structure 403  (563)
Azbel' M.Ya. , Pavlov S.D., Vereshchagin A.N., Gamalya I.A. , Temperature Dependence of the Conductivity of a Thin Plate 405  (566)
Vekhov A.A. , Nikolaev F.A., Rozanov V.B., Investigation of the Radiation of Strong-current Pulsed Discharges in Metal Vapor in the Vacuum Ultraviolet Region 408  (573)
Vorob'ev L.E. , Osokin F.I. , Stafeev V.P., Shturbin A.V., Modulation of Light by Nonequilibrium Optical Phonons in n-GaAs 410  (574)
Kolomiets B.T. , Lyubin V.M., Shilo V.P., Anizotropy of the Electric Conductivity in Oriented Samples of Vitreous Semiconductors 412  (577)
Baskakov V.Ya., Semenchenko V.K., Investigation of Cholesteryl Valerate under Pressure 414  (580)
Grasyuk A.Z. , Zubarev I.G. , Lobko V.V., Matveets Yu.A. , Mironov A.B. , Shatberashvili O.B., Dependence of Two-photon Absorption in GaAs on the Light-pulse Duration 416  (587)
Pasechnik Yu.A., Snitko O.V., Getsko O.M., Romanenko V.F. , Absorption of Infrared Light on the Surface of a Silicon Carbide Single Crystal 418  (587)
Tsukernik V.M., Yankelevich R. P., Self-consistent Field Method in the Theory of Parametric Magnon Excitation 419  (590)
Korenblit I.Ya., Shender E.F. , Effect of Nonmagnetic Impurities on the Curie Temperature of Dilute Ferromagnetic Alloys 422  (594)
Askar'yan G.A. , Namiot V.A., Rabinovich M.S., Supercompression of Matter by Reaction Pressure to Obtain Microcritical Masses of Fissioning Matter, to Obtain Ultrastrong Magnetic Fields, and to Accelerate Particles 424  (597)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.