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VOLUME 27 (1978) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Mansfel'd G.D., Veretin V.S., Experimental observation of oscillations of electronic ultrasound absorption in a semiconductor placed in an alternating field 73  (81)
Mash E.D., Motulevich G.P., Shubin A.A., Determination of the energy gaps in metals by an optical method 75  (84)
Balkashin O.P., Yanson M.K., Naidyuk Yu.G., Electron tunneling stimulated by surface plasmons 79  (88)
Bogoyavlenskii O.I., Self-similar adiabatic motions of a self-gravitating gas in a star 83  (91)
Bulanin M.O., Kouzov A.P., Laser-induced translational absorption in noble gases 86  (94)
Vinogradov A.V.,Skobelev I.Yu., X-ray line emission by a superdense plasma 88  (97)
Vodop'yanov L.K., Kucherenko I.V., Shotov A.P., Scherm R., Zero-gap state and phonon spectrum of the system of narrow-band compounds Pb1-xSnxSe 92  (101)
Vikhrev V.V., Contraction of Z-pinch as a result of losses to radiation 95  (104)
Artemenkov L.I., Ivanov N.V., Kakurin A.M., Mukhin P.A., Papkov L.N., Chudnovskii A.N., Shvindt N.N., Gvozdkov Yu.V. , Cherkashin M.Yu., Experiments on negative-feedback stabilization of helical plasma instability in a TO-1 tokamak 99  (108)
Askar'yan G.A., Manzon B.M., Generation of powerful submicrosecond laser pulses and their use in laser gasdynamics: observation of an optical detonation wave along the beam and penetration of the beam into an absorbing gas medium, generation wave, motion of beam or of beam focus 104  (113)
Alekseev N.E., Gapontsev V.P., Zhabotinskii M.E., Sverchkov I.E., Measurement of the parameters of nonresonant interactions of rare-earth ions in condensed media by selective observation of the luminescence kinetics on the line wings 109  (118)
Artemenko S.N., Volkov A.F., Zaitsev A.V., Josephson effect and collective excitations in thin-film superconducting bridges 113  (122)
Shul'ga N.F., Komin S.P., Suppression of radiation in an amorphous medium and in a crystal 117  (126)
Yudin E.P., Temperature dependence of the electron paramagnetic resonance spectrum of liquid oxygen 120  (129)
Smirnov V.V., Fabelinskii V.I., Pressure-induced change of the shape and width of the Q branch of the coherent anti-stokes light scattering spectrum of the ν2 oscillations of acetylene 123  (131)
Istekov K.K., Kupriyanov V.M., Fursov B.I., Smirenkin G.N., Fission of cold and heated californium nucle 126  (135)
Koval'chuk V.A., Rekalo A.P., Electromagnetic characteristics of leptons and CP violation in the SU(3) X U(1) model 129  (138)
Baz' A.I., Lifetime of strongly excited nuclei 132  (142)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.