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VOLUME 27 (1978) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Arkhipkin A.G., Popov A.K., Timofeev V.P., Conversion of He-IMe laser radiation from λ = 3.39μ m to the 330.5 nm band in sodium vapor 137  (149)
Bezuglyi E.V., Giant oscillations of thermal conductivity of the intermediate state of a superconductor 140  (152)
Bagaev V.N., Okulov V.I., Pamyatnykh E.A., Anomalies of the elastic moduli of a metal under the conditions of the Shoenberg effect 144  (156)
Wolf E., Oppermann G., Reichelt W., Terukov E.I., Investigation of the influence of the isotopic effect on the metal-insulator phase-transition temperature in vanadium oxides 147  (159)
Erofeev L.N., Shumm B.A., Experimental investigation of relaxation processes in multipulse NMR experiments 149  (161)
Ivanov Yu.N., Provotorov B.N., Fel'dman E.B., Spin dynamics in multipulse NMR experiments 153  (164)
Chetkin M.V., de la Campa A., Maximum velocity of a domain wall in a weak ferromagnet 157  (168)
Arzhannikov A.V., Burdakov A.V., Koidan V.S., Konyukhov V.V., Mekler K.I., Rogozin A.I., Increase of the effectiveness of the interaction between a strong-current relativistic electron beam and a plasma 161  (173)
Smirnov A.I., Kinetics of parametric instability of spin waves in an antiferromagnet 165  (177)
Merkulov I.A., Freisher V.G., Violation of "σ H invariance" in optical orientation of spins in semiconductors 169  (181)
Sukhodol'skii A.T., Active spectroscopy of noncentrosymmetric crystals under conditions of double ω-k resonance 173  (185)
Tsetlin M.B., Mikheeva M.N., Oscillations of energy gap of superconducting vanadium-carbon sandwiches 178  (190)
Kazakovtsev D.V., Levinson I.B., Propagation of phonon pulses in the regime of spontaneous phonon decay 181  (194)
Ksenzov V.G., Kudroyavtsev A.E., Nucleon and antinucleon annihilation cross section at nonrelativistic energies 184  (197)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.