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VOLUME 27 (1978) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Burinskaya T.M., Volokitin A.S., Contribution to the theory of thermal modulation instability 301  (321)
Gnedin Yu.N., Pavlov G.G., Shibanov Yu.A., Influence of polarization of vacuum in a magnetic field on the propagation of radiation in a plasma 305  (325)
Kozlov V.A., Kreshchishina L.T., Contribution to the theory of phonon dragging in pure semimetals in a longitudinal magnetic field 309  (329)
Ozhogin V.N., Lebedev A.Yu., Yakubovskii A.Yu., Doubling of the sound frequency and acoustic detection in hematite 313  (333)
Murtazaev Kh., Nadezhdin V.S., Satarov V.I., Asymmetry in elastic scattering of protons by deuterons at 630 MeV 316  (336)
Arkhipov V.I., Rudenko A.I., Theory of anomalous behavior of charge-transport characteristics in amorphous materials 318  (339)
Razbirin V.S., Starukhin A.N., Gamarts E.M., Karaman M.I., Mushinskii V.P., Magnetic Stark effect in layered GaSe crystal 321  (341)
Govorkov S.A., Tulin V.A., Inhomogeneous state of a system of parametrically excited nuclear spin 324  (345)
Shustin O.A., Chernevich T.G., Ivanov S.A., Yakovlev L.A., Light scattering and singularities of the crystal structure of quartz at its phase-transition point 328  (349)
Khomskii D.I., States with intermediate valence in rare-earth compounds 331  (352)
Dzhaparidze G.I., Nersesyan A.A., Magnetic-field phase transition in a one-dimensional system of electrons with attraction 334  (356)
Pushkarov D.I., Effect of vacancions on a crystal lattice structure 337  (359)
Sagdeev R.Z., Shapiro V.D., Shevchenko V.I., Excitation of convective cells by Alfven waves 340  (361)
Klinger M.I. , Dynamic model of quasimolecular hole of the VK-center type and of its diffusion in nonmetals 345  (366)
Gavrilov V.B., Degtyarenkov P.V., Efremenko V.I., Zaitsev Yu.M., Leksin G.A., Suchkov D.A., Correlations between secondary particles in π-A interaction at 3.7 GeV/c 348  (370)
Dorman L.I., Kats M.E., Fedorov Yu.l., Shakhov B.A., Energy balance of cosmic rays in multiple scattering in a randomly inhomogeneous magnetic field 353  (374)
Barkov L.M., Zolotorev M.S., Observation of parity nonconservation in atomic transitions 357  (379)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.