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VOLUME 27 (1978) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Abrikosov A.A., Mukhin S.I., Spin glass with nonmagnetic defects 449  (477)
Bulgakov M.I., Borovlev S.P., Gul'ko A.D., Dzheparov F.S., Trostin S.S., Point defects produced in LiF by (n,γ) reactions with thermal neutrons 453  (481)
Bashkirov Sh.Sh., Liberman A.B., Perfenov V.V., Sinyavskii V.I., Effect of optical radiation on the parameters of the Mbssbauer spectra of semiconductors 457  (486)
Kornich V.G., Man'ko V.K., Gorban' A.N., Excitation of an anomalously high voltage in CdTe films by monatomic hydrogen 460  (489)
Feigel'man M.V., Two-dimensional quantum crystal with ground-state vacancies-He3 on graphite 462  (491)
Abramov V.A., Baryshnikov F.F., Lisitsa V.S., Change of intensity of spectral lines of multiply charged ions as a result of charge exchange with atomic hydrogen 464  (494)
Lerner I.V., Lozovik Yu.E., Phase diagram of quasi-zero-dimensional electron-hole system 467  (497)
Kokorin V.V., Perekos A.E., Magnetic properties and dipole interaction in systems of superparamagnetic particles 470  (500)
Silin V.P., Tikhonchuk V.T., Heating of parametrically turbulent plasma 474  (504)
Kamzin A.S., Bokov V.A., Smolenskii G.A., "Splitting" of the critical exponents of the sublattice magnetizations in Fe3BO6 477  (507)
Sokolov A.I., Critical thermodynamics of antiferromagnets with two pairs of magnetic sublattices 480  (511)
Egorov A.I., Rodionov A.A., Ryl'nikov A.S., Sovestnov A.E., Sumbaev O.I., Shaburov V.A., Displacement, induced by hyperfine interaction, of x-ray lines excited in internal conversion 483  (514)
Bashkin A.P., Meierovich A.E., Suppression of transverse zero sound in He3 by a magnetic field 485  (517)
Mezhov-Deglin L.P., Singularities in the phonon thermal conductivity of deformed lead crystals at temperatures below 2K 489  (520)
Berezovoi V.P., Chudnovskii E.M., Structure of π condensate in nuclear matter 491  (523)
Borovoi A.A., Klimov Yu.V., Kopeikin V.I., Mikaelyan L.A., Shkol'nik K.D., Searches for the formation of superdense nuclei in fission 494  (525)
Koval'chuk V.A., Rekalo A.P., The μ → e+γ decay and mixing of charged heavy leptons 496  (527)
Azimov S.A., Aliev F.K., Kulakhmedov N.N., Yuldashbaev T.S., Investigation of azimuthal correlations in π-p interactions at 40 GeV 499  (530)
Vysotsskii M.I., Zel'dovich Ya.B., Khlopov M.Yu., Chechetkin V.M., Some astrophysical limitations on the axion mass 502  (533)
Khrushchev V.V., The 20-plet of vector mesons 505  (537)
Muzafarov V.M., Troitskii V.E., Shirokov Yu.M., Relativistic corrections to the charge form factor of the deuteron at large momentum transfers 507  (538)
Garcia A. , General applicability of certain tests of the V-A theory of neutron decay 510  (542)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.