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VOLUME 27 (1978) | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kovalev A.V., Plakhtii V.P., Andreeva G.T., Phase transitions in boracite Co3B7O13I 637  (673)
Zamaleev I.G., Kharakhash'yan E.G., Spin relaxation of conduction electrons at an arbitrary probability of scattering from the surface of a metal 641  (677)
Denisov V.N., Podobedov V.B., Pyndyk A.M., Sterin Kh.E., Kinetic investigations of the distribution function in excited nitrogen by the Raman scattering method 645  (681)
Shtyrkov E.I., Lobkov V.S., Yarmukhametov N.G., Grating induces in ruby by interference of atomic states 648  (685)
Volkov V.A., Sandomirskii V.B., Influence of a natural superlattice from a surface with high indices on the spectrum of 2D electrons in a multivalley semiconductor 651  (688)
D'yakonov M.I., Subashiev A.V., Temperature of an electron-hole drop moving in a semiconductor 655  (692)
Abrikosov A.A., Spin glass with short-range action in the vicinity of the "transition" 658  (696)
Al'tshuler B.L., Aronov A.G., Influence of electron-electron correlations on the resistivity of dirty metals 662  (700)
Sonin E.B., Weak ferromagnetism of the A phase and singularities of the superfluid phase transition in He3 665  (703)
Khaikin M.S., Stationary levels of the electron in a field of a polarized neutral particle 668  (706)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.