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VOLUME 28 (1978) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Zhdanov S.K., Trubnikov B.A., Oscillations of the electromagnetic field near a plasma focus and a Z pinch 55  (61)
Volovik G.E., Topological singularities on the surface of an ordered system 59  (65)
Budnikov V.N., Varfolomeev V.I., Novik K.M., Piliya A.D., Rozhdestvenskii V.V., Experimental observation of enhanced scattering of electromagnetic waves by a plasma in the presence of a singular point 62  (68)
Baltrameyunas R., Kuokshtis E., Electron-hole drops in ZnSe single crystals 66  (72)
Aslanyan T.A., Levanyuk A.P., Possibility of a noncommensurate phase near the \alpha\leftrightarrow\beta transition point in quartz 70  (76)
Asnin V.M., Bakun A.A., Danishevskii A.M., Ivchenko E.L., Pikus G.E., Rogachev A.A., Observation of a photo-emf that depends on the sign of the circular polarization of the light 74  (80)
Makhotkin V.E., Vinogradova G.I., Veselago V.G., Photoinduced pinning of domain walls in the magnetic semiconductor CdCr2Se4 78  (84)
Rutkovskii I.Z., Fedoruk G.G., Secondary electron spin echo in quartz 81  (87)
Lebedev V.V., Khalatnikov I.M., Canonical equations of the hydrodynamics of rotating superfluid 4He 83  (89)
Preobrazhenskii V.L., Savchenko M.A., Ekonomov N.A., Nonlinear self-action of sound waves in an antiferromagnet with easy-plane anisotropy 87  (93)
Leksin G.A., Smirnitskii A.V., Cross section for production of cumulative Λ0 hyperons 90  (97)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.