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VOLUME 18 (1973) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Nadirashvili Z.S., Tsakadze Dzh.S. , Metastable state of rotating helium II when its rotary speed is suddenly changed 43  (77)
Bokhan P.A. , Klimkin V.M., Prokop'ev V.E., Gas laser using ionized europium 44  (80)
Bugaev S.P. , Kassirov G.M., Koval'chuk B.M., Mesyats G.A., Production of intense microsecond relativistic electron beams 46  (82)
Plakhtii V.P., Golosovskii I.V. , Kudryashev V.A., Parfenova N.N., Smirnov O.P., Phase transitions in dilute ferrimagnets and the problem of liquid infiltration 47  (85)
Kneipp K.D. , Ponat G.E., Strizhevskii V.L., Yashkir Yu.N. , New manifestation of polariton Fermi resonance in Raman Scattering of light in LiI03 crystal 50  (89)
Alekseevskii N.E., Zakosarenko V.M., Superconductivity of cold-deposited films of alloys of germanium with platinum-group elements 53  (94)
Galkina T.I. , Milyaev V.A., Mikhailova G.N., Penin N.A., Emission of electron-hole drops in germanium at 0.5K 55  (99)
Aleksandrov D.B. , Bonch-Bruevich A.M., Khodovoi V.A., Chigir' N.A., Change of absorption line shape and of dispersion of a two-level system in a quasiresonant monochromatic radiation field 58  (102)
Gervids V.I. , Krupin V.A., Investigation of impurity diffusion in a Tokamak by special methods 60  (106)
Bagratashvili V.N. , Knyazev I.N., Kudryavtsev Yu.A. , Letokhov V.S., Electrochemical high-pressure hf laser 62  (114)
Dite A.F., Lysenko V.G., Dokhnygin V.D., Timofeev V.B., Quantum oscillations of the intensity of recombination radiation of electron-hole drops in silicon 65  (114)
Gor'kov L.P. , Chernikova D.M., Concerning the structure of a charged surface of liquid helium 68  (119)
Kerner B.S. , Osipov V.V., Stratification of current or field in systems with positive differential resistance 70  (122)
Khodel' V.A. , Surface oscillations of a drop of Fermi liquid 72  (126)
Gaponov Yu.V., Lyutostanskii Yu.S., Gamow-Teller resonance and Wigner multiplet scheme 75  (130)
Budnev V.M., Ginzburg I.F. , Electromagnetic contributions to total hadron cross sections at high energies 77  (133)
Kochetov A.B. , Khrylin B.A., Excited states of p-shell hypernuclei 79  (136)
Volovik G.E., Mel'nikov V.I., Edel'shtein V.M., Mobility of polaron with strong coupling 81  (138)
Vainshtein A.I. , Khriplovich I.B., Limitation on the masses of supercharged hadrons in the Weinberg model 83  (141)
Ovchinnikov A.A. , Energy spectrum of disordered three-dimensional system 85  (145)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.