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VOLUME 18 (1973) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Fedorchenko V.D. , Mazalov Yu.P. , Bakai A.S., Pashchenko A.V., Rutkevich B.N. , Excitation of solitary waves in a beam-plasma system 281  (477)
Shepel' V.S. , Electron-ion recombination in an electric field 282  (480)
Ganenko V.B. , Gorbenko V.G., Zhebrovskii Yu. V., Kolesnikov L.Ya., Miroshnichenko I.I. , Naisteter S.I., Rubashkin A.L. , Sanin V.M. , Sorokin P.V. , Asymmetry of the cross section of the reaction γ d → π0d at a photon energy 350 MeV 284  (483)
Kudryavtsev A.M. , Sorokin A.F. , Method of measuring local plasma parameters with the aid of a beam of fast atoms 286  (486)
Atanelishvili M.I. , Berdzenishvili O.O., Verbetskii Yu.G., Garsevanishvili L.P., Gromov Yu.A., Lomtadze T.A., Kotlyarevskii D.M., Mandzhavidze I.D., Matsaberidze V.F., Struchalina A.V., Chikovani L.D., Tsomaya P.V., Shtemanetyan G.Z., Dependence of multiplicity of secondary particles on the atomic number of the target nucleus and on the energy of the incident particle 288  (490)
Zabrodskii A.G., Ryvkin S.M. , Shlimak I.S. , Mechanism of low-temperature impurity breakdown in compensated semiconductors and of switching in amorphous semiconductors 290  (493)
Dmitrenko I.M., Shchetkin I.S., Concerning superconductivity in the sodium-ammonia system 292  (497)
Antuf'ev Yu.P. , Agranovich V.L. , Kuz'menko V.S., Sorokin P.V.v, The reaction Li7(e, e'p) at 1200 MeV 294  (501)
Kiselev V.A., Razbirin B.S., Ural'tsev I.N., Interference states of optical excitons. Observation of additional waves 296  (504)
Galaktionova N.M. , Mak A.A., Orlov O.A., Khyuppenen A.P., Feasibility of a supersensitive laser meter for artificial anisotropy and Faraday rotation of the plane of polarization 298  (507)
Afrosimov V.V. , Petrov M.P., Sadovnikov V.A., Measurement of the local values of the ion temperature in a Tokamak using charge exchange of plasma ions with a jet of hydrogen atoms 300  (510)
Bazhutin S.A. , Letokhov V.S. , Makarov A. A. , Semchishen V.A., Selective predissociation of ortho-I2 molecules by laser radiation 303  (515)
Akhmanov S.A. , D'yakov Yu. E. , Saturation effects in stimulated Raman scattering and resonant absorption (amplification) of a strong monochromatic field 305  (519)
Mints R.G., Electrodynamics of surface superconductivity 307  (523)
Kolybasov V.M. , Kudryavtsev A.E., Pion-deuteron and pion-nucleon scattering lengths 310  (527)
Volkov D.V. , Soroka V.A., Higgs effect for Goldstone particles with spin 1/2 312  (529)
Strel'tsov V.N. , Stimulated scattering of light by plasmons at large gradients of the medium density 314  (532)
Manenkov S.I. , Gamma-quantum emission by nuclei excited by high-energy hadrons 316  (535)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.