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VOLUME 28 (1978) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Nagaev E.L., Sokolova E.B., Collective light-mediated magnetoexciton transition in the transparency band of a crystal 97  (105)
Golenishchev-Kutuzov V.A., Sadykov I.I., Khaimovich E.P., Role of incoherent phonons in resonant interaction of ultrasound with a nuclear spin system 100  (108)
Shevchenko S.I., Superfluid currents induced in He II by crossed electric and magnetic fields 103  (112)
Golant K.M., Tsurkan V.V., Veselago V.G., Effect of longitudinal magnetic field on the conductivity in magnetic semiconducting p-type spinels 107  (116)
Komarov A.V, Ryabchenko S.M., Vitrikhovskii N.I., Magnetic-field splitting of the n = 2 exciton state in ZnTe : Mn 110  (119)
Kalmykov N.N., Levina T.G., Fomin Yu.A., Khristiansen G.B., Violation of scaling model on going from accelerator to ultrahigh energies 114  (124)
Broneva I.L., Sharvin Yu.V., Resistance of bismuth microcontacts at low temperatures 117  (127)
Kopylov V.N., Thermomagnetic waves in bismuth 121  (131)
Basov N.G., Volosevich P.P., Gamalii E.G., Gus'kov S.Yu., Zakharenkov Yu.A., Krokhin O.N., Rozanov V.B., Sklizkov G.V., Shikanov A.S., Dynamics of laser-irradiated shell targets 125  (135)
Mur V.D., Popov V.S., Voskresenskii D.N., WKB method at Z > 137 129  (140)
Zverev V.N., Oscillations of the photoconductivity of germanium in a magnetic field under monochromatic impurity illumination 134  (144)
Berezhkovskii A.M., Ovchinnikov A.A., Suppression of the paramagnetism of a semiconductor by a strong electric field 138  (148)
Zhuravlev A.G., Berdinskii V.L., Buchachenko A.L., Generation of high-frequency current by the products of a photochemical reaction 140  (150)
Aleksandrov K.S., Vtyurin A.N., Shabanov V.F., Generation of the optical second harmonic in noncommensurate phases of crystals 143  (153)
Voloshin M.B., Okun' L.B., Conservation of electric charge 145  (156)
Ukhlinov G.A., Garanin V.P., Concerning the nature of carrier scattering by the surfaces of bismuth films 149  (160)
Kosvintsev Yu.Yu., Kushnir Yu.A., Morozov V.I., Stoika A.D., Strelkov A.V., Storage of ultracold low-energy neutrons in vessels with condensed metallic walls 153  (164)
Gurevich G.M., Lazareva L.E., Mazur V.M., Merkulov S.Yu., Solodukhov G.V., Tyutin V.A., Width of E1 giant resonance of deformed nuclei in the 150 \leq A \leq 186 157  (168)
Abesalashvili L.N., Amaglobeli N.S., Akhobadze L.T., Garsevanishvili V.R., Kutsidi N.K., Tevzadze Yu.V., Chargeishvili M.S., Concerning one scale-invariant variable for the description of hadron-hadron interactions 162  (174)
Leksin G.A., Smirnitskii A.V., Cross section for the production of K0 mesons emitted at large l.s. angles from carbon and xenon nuclei 166  (179)
Dal'karov O.D., Electromagnetic form factor of the nucleon in the timelike region 170  (183)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.