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VOLUME 28 (1978) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bulanov S.V., Syrovatskii S.I., Sakai J., Stabilizing influence of plasma flow on dissipative tearing instability 177  (193)
Kreingol'd F.I., Tsurikov V.I., Dipole and quadrupole bound excitons in Cu2O crystals doped with cadmium 179  (196)
Bratus' E.N.,. Shumeiko V.S, Nonlinearity of single-photon absorption in a superconductor near the threshold 182  (198)
Arakelyan S.M., Grigoryan G.L., Nersisyan S.Ts., Nshanyan M.A., Chilingaryan Yu.S., Second harmonic generation in liquid crystals; symmetry of molecules and macroscopic nonlinearity 186  (202)
Bratman V.L., Ginzburg N.S., Petelin M.I., Energy feasibility of a relativistic Compton laser 190  (207)
Mika'elyan A.L., Smilga V.P., "Anomalous" temperature dependence of the rate of μ+-meson polarization relaxation in some normal metals 194  (211)
Basov N.G., Efimkov V.F., Zubarev I.G., Kotov A.V., Mikhailov S.I., Smirnov M.G., Inversion of wavefront in SMBS of a depolarized pump 197  (215)
Slutskin A.A., Kadigrobov A.M., Electric domains in metals at low temperatures 201  (219)
Zavaritskii N.V., Kaganov M.I., Mevlyut Sh.T., Anisotropy of the acoustoelectric effect in metals 205  (223)
Aleksandrov V.N., Gershenzon E.M., Zayats V.A., Mel'nikov A.P., Rabinovich R.I., Serebryakova N.A., Tovmach Yu.V., Spectra of impurity complexes of the type H- - H+ and pseudocrossings of molecular terms in semiconductors 209  (226)
Brodin M.S., Volovik N.V., Reznichenko V.Ya., Strashnikova M.I., Study of electron-hole drops and of plasma in mixed CdS10-xSex crystals 213  (230)
Ganopol'skii E.N., Makovitskii D.N., Phaser generation of transverse phonons by impurity centers of divalent nickel in corundum 217  (235)
Kovalenko N.P., Kuz'mina L.M., Maier H., Concerning ion-ion interaction in metallic hydrogen 221  (239)
Gudenko S.V., Krylov I.P., Radio-frequency size effect in the scattering of electrons by the boundary of a diffuse layer of impurities 224  (243)
Ambartsumyan R.V., Makarov G.N., Puretskii A.A., Experimental determination of the fraction of the captured particles and of the excitation level in multiphonon excitation of molecules by infrared laser radiation 228  (246)
Gari M., The p-p reactions on the sun (p +p→ D+e+ + ν and p +p+e→ D+ν) 233  (251)
Kotlyarevskii D.M., Multiplicity distribution of secondary particles on nuclei at energies 200 and 800 GeV 235  (254)
Vedula Yu.S., Loburets A.T., Naumovets A.G., Manifestation of phase states of a submonolayer film in surface diffusion of barium on the (001) face of molybdenum 238  (258)
Orlov Yu.V., Tulyavov A.A., Investigation of bound and resonant states of the 2N\bar{N} system with the aid of the Faddeev equations 241  (261)
Budnev V.M., Kaloshin A.E., Serebryakov V.V., Background process in the DESY observation of ρ' (1100) 244  (264)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.