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VOLUME 28 (1978) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Frolov I.V., Shvarts A.S., Contribution of instantons to the correlation functions of a Heisenberg ferromagnet 249  (274)
Piradashvili I.N., Vacancy relaxation phenomena in solid He3 252  (276)
Vinokurova L.I., Gaposhchenko A.G., Itskevich E.S., Influence of pressure on the de Haas-van Alphen effect and exchange splitting in iron 256  (280)
Laukhin V.N., Kotov A.I., Khidekel' M.L., Shchegolev I.F., Yagubskii E.B., Metallic high-pressure phase in tetraselenotetracene chloride (TSeT)2CI 260  (284)
Demkov Yu.N., Zaretskii D.F., Karpeshin F.F., Listengarten M.A., Ostrovskii V.N., Muon distribution among the fission fragments in mesic atoms 263  (287)
Cherepanov A.N., Startsev V.E., Volkenshtein N.V., Quantum oscillations of the thermoelectric power and of the Nernst effect on magnetic-breakdown trajectories in ruthenium 266  (290)
Zinov'eva K.N., Resonant absorption of sound by a metal surface 269  (294)
Lebedev S.L., Ritus V.I., Dispersion representation for the Lagrange function of an intense field 274  (298)
Gabovich A.M., Pashitskii E.A., Shpigel' A.S., Exceeding the paramagnetic limit in superconductors with dielectric gap on the Fermi surface 277  (302)
Ivanchenko Yu.M., Kochergin E.V., Oscillatory effects connected with electromagnetic radiation in inelastic tunneling of electrons 280  (305)
Bekov G.I., Letokhov V.S., Matveev O.I., Wishin V.I., Observation of a long-lived autoionization state in the spectrum of the gadolinium atom 283  (308)
Ignatovich V.K., Depolarization of ultracold neutrons in refraction and reflection by magnetic-film surfaces 286  (311)
Pak A.S., Tarasov A.V., Uzhinskii V.V., Tseren C.H., Contribution to the theory of nuclear-nuclear interactions at high energies 288  (314)
Grigoryan A.A., Kaidalov A.B., Possibility of existence of exotic baryon resonances with isospins I \geq 5/2 293  (318)
Askar'yan G.A., Mesons and neutrinos under supercompression. Cumulative and inductive increase of particle energies to meson values in microbursts of energy release 296  (322)
Skachkov N.B., Solovtsov I.L., Mass spectrum and Regge trajectories of light vector mesons in the relativistic quark model 300  (326)
Bondarenko L.N., Kurguzov V.V., Prokof'ev Yu.A., Rogov E.V., Spivak P.E., Measurement of the neutron half-life 303  (328)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.