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VOLUME 28 (1978) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kazunina G.A. , Alekseev D.V., Temperature dependence of the spectrum of Raman scattering of light near the critical stratification point of a solution 525  (569)
Kostin N.N., Przhibel'skii S.G., Cascade predissociation of the molecules CS*2 and Rb*2 527  (572)
Aleksakhin I.S., Zapesochnyi A.I., Imre A.I., Observation of dielectronic recombination of the potassium ion 531  (576)
Tkach Yu.V., Fainberg Ya.B., Lemberg E.A., Gadetskii N.P.,. Ermolenko V.V, Danilova V.V., Pushkarev S.S., Ion acceleration in the interaction of a strong-current relativistic electron beam with a spatially-periodic magnetic field 535  (580)
Temkin S.I., Burshtein A.I., Spectral manifestations of various mechanisms of rotational relaxation in dense media 538  (583)
Baltrameyunas R., Kuokshtis E., Study of electron-hole drops in ZnTe single crystals 542  (588)
Lomakin A.V., Noskin V.A., Study of particle shapes by the light-beating method 545  (592)
Sadykov R.A., Gruzin P.L., Minakov A.A., Aminov T.G., Veselago V.G., Kalinnikov V.T., Makhotkin V.E., Neutron diffraction investigation of magnetic semiconductors of the system 114Cd1-xZnxCr2Se4 549  (596)
Kovalenko P.P., Labushkin V.G., Sarkisyan V.A., Experimental observation of the connection between the polarization characteristics of coherent Mossbauer scattering and the magnetic structure of a crystal 552  (599)
Andreev A.F., Thermodynamics of liquids below the Debye temperature 556  (603)
Luschikov V.I., Frank A.I., Quantum effects occurring when ultracold neutrons are stored on a plane 559  (607)
Antonenko V.G., Galitskii V.M., Grigor'yan Yu.l., Ippolitov M.S., Karadzhev K.V., Kuz'min E.A., Man'ko V.I., Ogloblin A.A., Yankov G.B., Maxima in the velocity spectra of the protons produced in interactions of high-energy nuclei 561  (609)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.