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VOLUME 13 (1971) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Mil'shtein S.Kh., Nikitenko V.I., Ivestigation of Local Changes of the Electric Properties of Silicon Under the Influence of Individual Dislocations 233  (329)
Gross E.F., Safarov V.I., Titkov A.N., Shlimak I.S., Observation of Excited States and Experimental Determination of the Binding Energy of Indirect Exciton in Germanium 235  (332)
Davydov B.L., Zhabotinskii M.E., Zolin V.F. , Koreneva L.G. , Samikhina M.A. , Observation of Vector Synchronism in Generation of the Sound Harmonic of a Neodymium Laser with Single Crystal of Metanitroaniline 238  (336)
Bydin Yu. F., Ogurtsov V.I., Sirazetdinov V.S., Penning Ionization in Collision of Fast Unexcited Rb Atoms with Ar Atoms 240  (340)
Kryshkin V.I., Potashov A.G., Sterligov A.G., Usov Yu.P. , Determination of the Radius of Strong Interaction of Pb and the Mean Free Path of the π0 Meson in Nuclear Matter 242  (341)
Shatrov V.D., Gordon E.B. , Ponomarev A.N., Tal'roze V.L., Luminescence of Solid OrganiÓ Dyes Bombarded by Thermal Hydrogen Atoms 243  (344)
Fok M.V., L'vova E.Yu ., Ionization Instability and Motion of Glowing Spots in Na2ZnGeO4:Mn 245  (346)
Veselago V.G., Glushkov M.V., Lyn'ko L.V., Propagation of Magnetoplasma Waves in Bi Alloyed with ôÅ 247  (349)
Oparin V.A., II'in R.N. , Serenkov I. T., Solov'ev E.S. , Fedorenko N.V., Direct Proof of the Existence of an Excited Negative ε- Ion and the Determination of the Binding Energy of the Electron In It 249  (351)
Erozolimskii B. F., Bondarenko L.N., Mostovoi Yu. A., Obinyakov B . A ., Fedunin V.I. , Frank A.I., Measurement of the Angular Correlation Between the Neutron Spin and the Electron Momentum in the Decay of Polarized Neutrons 252  (356)
Krainov V.I., WKB Method for a Strong Coulomb Field 255  (359)
Rivlin L.A., Collective Effects in Discretely-electronc Beams 257  (362)
Vekhter B.G., Kovarskii V.A., Rozenfel'd Yu.B., Tsukerblat B.S ., Possibility of Controlling the Parameters of Phononless Lines with the Aid of Ultrasound 260  (365)
Krivoruchko S.M., Bakai A.S., Kornilov E.A., Mechanism of Excitation and Control of Relaxation Oscillations in a Plasma-beam System 262  (369)
Iroshnikov G.S., Chernov A.S., Electromagnetic Form Factor for the Pion in the Dual Resonant Model 265  (372)
Zevin V.Ya., Brik A.B., "Forbidden" Cross-relaxation Transitions and Their Role in the Dynamics of Stationary ENDOR 268  (376)
Akhiezer I.A., Davydov L.N., Instability of Spin Waves in FerroelectriÓ Antiferromagnets in External Fields 271  (380)
Bardin D.Yu., Mitsel'makher S.V., Shumeiko N.M., Determination of the Mass of the Muonic Neutrino in Radiative Pion Decays 273  (383)
Kobushkin A.P., Dual Amplitude for Processes with Participatiom of Photons 277  (387)
Kuraev E.A., Lazurik-El'tsufin V.T., High-energy AsymptotiÓ Cross Sections for the Production of e+e- Pairs in Collisions of Heavy Charged Particles 280  (391)
Askar'yan G.A., Self-focusing of Powerful Sound During the Production of Bubbles 283  (395)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.