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VOLUME 28 (1978) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Askar'yan G.A., Dolgoshein V.A., Microelectrostriction in an ionized medium 571  (617)
Kotov V.V., Pogorelyi A.N. , Investigation of electron-nuclear oscillation in ferromagnetic films under conditions of strong coupling between the electron and nuclear subsystems 574  (621)
Asche M., Sarbei O.G., Role of intervalley scattering in electron recombination in silicon 578  (625)
Borovik A.E. , N-soliton solutions of the nonlinear Landau-Lifshitz equation 581  (629)
Likholit N.I., Strizhevskii V.L., Yashkir Yu.N., Parametric spectroscopy of Raman scattering light in crystals 585  (633)
Artemenko S.N., Volkov A.F., Zaitsev A.V., The excess current in superconducting point junctions 589  (637)
Ivlev B.I., Kopnin N.B., Resistive state of superconductors 592  (640)
Fishman I.M., Measurement of the rate of exciton condensation into electron-hole drops in germanium 595  (644)
Ivchenko E.L., Permogorov S.A., Sel'kin A.V., Effect of inversion of the optical axis of the CdS crystal 599  (649)
Kuznetsov A.I., Abramov V.N., Rooze N.S., Savikhina T.I., Autolocalized excitons in Y2O3 602  (652)
Brazovskii S.A., Electronic excitations in the Peierls-Frohlich state 606  (656)
Gornov M.G., Lapushkin S.V., Ponosov A.K., Sergeev F.M., Collective nature of the baryon cumulative effect on nuclei 610  (660)
Kopeliovich B.Z., Lapidus L.I., Quark-parton model of the interaction of hadrons with nuclei 614  (664)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.