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VOLUME 28 (1978) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Belov A.A., Karasev M.D., Rusanov N.V., Electric resonance in a gas 623  (669)
Koz'mik V.D., Mikhailyuk I.P., Experimental observation of diffraction focusing of a spherical x-ray wave 626  (673)
Kurkin M.l., Contribution to the theory of stationary NMR signals under conditions of large dynamic frequency shifts 628  (675)
Fomin I.A., Anomalous magnetic relaxation in superfluid helium-3 631  (679)
Bakai A.S., Voitsenya V.S., Voloshko A.Yu., Solodovchenko S.I., Shtan' A.F., Influence of drift oscillations on the ionic thermal conductivity of a plasma 634  (682)
Tolpygo S.K., Tulin V.A., Suppression of superconductivity of a tin film by microwave radiation 638  (686)
Evseev I.V., Ermachenko V.M., Polarization properties of photon echo at small areas of the exciting pulses 641  (689)
Belousov N.V., Pogarev D.E., Interference between overtone states of an impurity and the host lattice in an NH4CI 644  (692)
Ambartsumyan R.V., Makarov, G.N., Puretskii A.A., Observation of inverse radiationless transitions when polyatomic molecules are excited by IR laser emission 647  (696)
Chetkin M.V., Akhutkina A.I., Shalygin A.N., Supercritical velocities of domain walls in orthoferrites 650  (700)
Ivanenko I.P., Kanevskii B.L., Roganova T.M., Possibility of determining the energy dependence of the hadron-nucleus cross section and of the multiplicity within the framework of the scaling-violation model at x \lesssim 0.1 654  (704)
Kapshai V.N., Sidorov N.V., Skachkov N.B., Large p_\perp and quark-quark cross section in the dynamic model of factorizing quarks 657  (707)
Arkatov Yu.M., Vatset P.I., Voloshchuk V.I., Gur'ev V.N., Zolenko V.A., Prokhorets I.M., Experimental verification of the role of exchange meson currents in the description of photoprocesses in systems with few nucleons 660  (710)
Alkhazov G.D., Belostotskii S.L., Vorob'ev A.A., Domchenkov O.A., Dotsenko Yu.V., Legrand D., Kuropatkin N.P., Nikulin V.N., Shuvaev M.A., Escudie J.-L., Spin-orbit interaction and distribution of the density of nuclear matter 662  (712)
Grigoryan A.A., Kaidalov A.B., Erratum: Possibility of existence of exotic baryon resonances with isospins I \geq 5/2 [JETP Lett. 28, 293 (1978)] 667  (720)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.