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VOLUME 1 (1965) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Voron'ko Yu.K., Kaminskii A. A., Osiko V. V., Prokhorov A.M. , Stimulated emission of Ho3+ in CaF2 at λ = 5512 Å 3  (5)
Askar'yan G. A., Rabinovich M. S., Savchenko M. M., Smirnova A. D., Light spark in a magnetic field 5  (9)
Rekalo M. P., Baryon resonances produced in weak interactions and unitary symmetry 9  (15)
Stishov S. M., Tikhomirova N. A., Melting curves of bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3) and antimony telluride (Sb2Te3) at high pressures 12  (20)
Mukhamedgalieva A. F., Oraevskii A. N., Strakhovskii G. M., Maser with two series resonators and a "molecular ringing" amplifier 13  (22)
Belov K. P., Lyubutin I. S., Mossbauer effect at Sn114 nuclei introduced into yttrium iron garnet lattice 16  (26)
Gol'danskii V. I., Trukhtanov V. A., Devisheva M. N., Belov V. F., Super-exchange induction of magnetic fields at the nuclei of nonmagnetic atoms 19  (31)
Gavrilova-Podol'skaya G. V., Yudin A. L., Lundin A. G., Isotopic ffect in the ferroelectric NaH3(SeC3)2 22  (36)
Petrov Yu. N., Prokhorov A. M., 75-micron laser 24  (39)
Akhmanov S. A., Kovrygin A. I., Strukov M. M., Khokhlov R. V., Frequency dependence of the threshold of optical breakdown in air 25  (42)
Akhiezer A. I., Rekalo M. P., Magnetic moments of baryons and SU(6) 29  (47)
Volkov D. V., SU(6) symmetry and electromagnetic baryon mass splitting 32  (51)
Abrikosov A. A., Electric resistivity of metals with low magnetic impurity in the presence of impurity ferromagnetism and an external magnetic field 33  (53)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.