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VOLUME 13 (1971) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Asche M. , Zav'yalov Yu.G ., Sarbei O.G., Linear Effect of Magnetoresistance of Many-valley Semiconductors in Heating Electric Fields 285  (401)
Antokol'skii G.L., Fershtat L.N., Shutilov V.., Acoustic Nuclear Effect-solide in Lithium Floride 286  (404)
Korshunov V.V., Senchukov F.D., Shmurak S.l. , Investigation of the Temporal Characteristics of Deformation Luminescence 289  (408)
Alekseevskii N. E., Zakosarenko V.M. , Tsebro V.I., Superconductivity of Cold-deposited Films of Alloys Of Germanium with Noble Metals 292  (412)
Yanson I.K., Vlasenko A. A., Giant Zero-bias Anomalies and Space Charge Limited Currents in Tunnel Junctions 294  (415)
Gutner A.B., Zhitnikov R.A., Okunevich A.I., Optical Orientation of Kr Atoms in the Metastable 3P2 State 298  (420)
Fleisher V.G. , Dzhioev R. I., Zakharchenya B. P., Kanskaya L.M. , Spin Relaxation of Electrons Oriented by Light in a GaAs Crystal 299  (422)
Broude V.L., Leiderman A.V., New Data on the Structure of Optical Absorption in the Region of Isotopic-impurity Exciton States of Naphthalene Crystals 302  (426)
Kotyuzhanskii B.Ya., Prozorova L.A. , Observation of Magnon-phonon Interaction in Antiferromagnetic MnCO3 305  (430)
Eremin V.I., Norinskii L. V., Pryadein V.A., Frequency Dependence of the Threshold of Optical Breakdown in Air in the Ultraviolet Band 307  (433)
Andronikashvili E.L ., Politov N . G., Paperno I.. , Razmadze A.K., Plasticity of Reactor-irradiated LiF Crystals 310  (436)
Kovrigin A.I., Nikles P.V., Resonatorless Parametric Light Generator Using an α-HI03 Crystal 313  (440)
Zubov V.A., Kraiskii A . V ., Kuznetsova T.I., Holographic Recording of Nonstationary Processes 316  (443)
Terent'ev M. V. , Reaction of Production of Two Slow Pions in ee and ep Collisions 318  (446)
Volodin V.A., Kirzhnits D.A. , Influence of Crystal Lattice on Nuclear Properties of Superdense Matter 320  (450)
Gol'fand Yu . A ., Likhtman E.P., Extension of the Algebra of Poincare Group Generators and Violation of P invariance 323  (452)
Degtyarenko N.N., Elesin V. F., Possible Instability, Due to triple Recombination, of the States of a Semiconductor Illuminated by Intense Light 326  (456)
Semiz D.M. , Damping of High Frequency Sound in a, Fermi -Bose Liquid 328  (459)
Afanas'ev Yu.V., Belenov E.M., Markin E.P., Poluektov I . A ., Nonequilibrium Dissociation of a Molecular Gas Under the Influence of Resonant Laser Radiation, with Allowance for Vibration-Vibration Collisions 331  (462)
Ivlev B.I., Eliashberg G.M., Influence of Nonequilibrium Excitations on the Properties of Superconducting Films in a High-frequency Field 333  (464)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.