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VOLUME 13 (1971) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Tantsyrev G.D., Nikolaev E.N., Formation of Clusters in Ion Bombardment of Films of Frozen Polar Substances 337  (473)
Vol'skii E.P., Teplinskii V.M., Landau Quantum Oscillations of the Surface Resistance of MoO2 340  (477)
Bunkin F. V. , Karlov N.V., Komissarov V.M. , Kuz'min G.P., Excitation of Sound When a Surface Layer of a Liquid Absorbs a Laser Pulse 341  (479)
Zemskii V.I., Andrianov G.O., Mochan I.V., Indirect transitions in Germanium in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields 344  (483)
Ovanesyan N.S. , Trukhtanov V.A. , Odinets G.Yu., Novikov G.V., Cser L. , Temperature Reorientation of the Spins in Natural Pyrrhotine Fe0.88S 347  (488)
Bogod Yu.A., Verkin B.I., Krasovitskii V.B., Tsivinskii S.V., Influence of Twins on the Magnetoresistance of Sb 349  (491)
Basov N.G., Gromov V.V., Koshelev E.L., Markin E.P., Oraevskii A.N., Shapovalov D.S., Shcheglov V. A. , CW Chemical Laser Using DF-CO2 352  (496)
Berezin A.K., Fainberg Ya.B., Bolotin L.I. , Egorov A.M., Kiselev, Experimental Investigation of the Interaction of Modulated Relativistic Beams with a Plasma. 354  (498)
Gross E.F. , Ural'tsev I.N. , Shekhmamet'ev R.I. , Magnetooptical Properties of the Bielectron in the BiI3 Crystal 357  (503)
Kudryavtsev V.A., Levin E.M., Physical States on Daughter Trajectories in the Dual Amplitude Under the Condition α(0) = 1. 360  (507)
Epshtein E.M. , Amplification of High-frequency Phonons in the Field of an Electromagnetic Wave 364  (511)
Kovrizhnykh L. , Concerning One Possibility of Increasing the Classical Coefficients for Transport Across a Strong Magnetic Field 365  (513)
Bogdankevich O.V. , Rukhadze A.A., Possibility of Producing High Pressure in a Solid by Means of a Strong-current Electron Beam 369  (517)
Budnev V.M., Ginzburg I.F. , Electromagnetic Contributions to the Total Cross Section of Hadron Scattering 370  (519)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.