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VOLUME 13 (1971) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Braginskii V. B., Menskii M. V., High-frequency Detection of Gravitational Waves 417  (585)
Malyshev V. I. , Sychev A. A., Babenko V. A. , Investigation of the Character of the Emission of a Neodymium Glass Laser with a Passive Shutter Having a Finite Relaxation Time 419  (588)
Malyshev Yu. M. , Tatarenkov V. M., Titov A. N. , Optical Frequency Standard with a Beam Type Absorbing Cell 422  (592)
Karchevskii A.I. , Strakhov Yu. I. , Thresholds of Two-Stream Instability of Current in a Straight Discharge 424  (595)
Goman'kov V. I. , Puzei I. M., Sigaev V. N., Kozis E. V., Mal'tsev E. I. , Fine Crystalline and Magnetic Structures of Iron-nickel Invars 428  (600)
Eremin B. G., Litvak A. G., Observation of Self-focusing of Electromagnetic Waves in a Plasma 430  (603)
Kobyzev V. N., Tager A. S. , Coherent Microwave Radiation of n-InSb 433  (607)
Kitaeva V. F., Chistyi I. L., Fine Structure of Rayleigh Line in Sapphire Crystal 435  (611)
Yanait Yu. A. , Abakumov G. A., Kromskii G. I. , Simonov A. I. , Fadeev V. V., Khokhlov R. V., Generation in the Ultraviolet with Frequency Tuning, Using a Paraterphenyl Solution and Excitation with a Flash Lamp 438  (616)
Berenblyum A. S. , Buravov L. I., Khidekel' M. D., Shchegolev I. F. , Yakimov E. B. , Electric Properties of Linear Conducting Chains of Pt Atoms in K_2Pt(CN)_4Br_{2.3}\dot 2.3H_2O 440  (619)
Osip'yan Yu. A., Petrenko V. F., Savchenko I.B. , Infrared Quenching of the Photoplastic Effect in Cadmium Sulfide 442  (622)
Buchikhin A. P. , Gol'danskii V. I., Shantarovich V. P., Temperature Dependence of the Lifetime of Triplet Positronium in Aliphatic Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives 444  (624)
Ratner B. S. , Near-threshold Singularities of the Yield of Direct Photonuclear Reactions 447  (628)
Andreev T. L. , Kuznetsova S. V. , Maslov A. I., Sobel'man I.I., Sorokin V. N., Investigation of Reactions of Excited Iodine Atoms with the Aid of a Photodissociation Laser 449  (631)
Zel'dovich Ya. B., Ovchinnikov A. A. , Repopulation of Highly-excited Vibrational Levels in a Cold Lattice 452  (636)
Kozlov V. A., Nagaev E. L. , Anomalies of Thermal Emf in Phonon-phonon Dragging 455  (639)
Bibilashvili M. F. , Groupsof Parallel Penetrating Particles and Their Possible Sources 457  (643)
Zaretskii D. F., Urin M. G., Neutron Strength Functions 460  (646)
Frankfurt L. L., Power-law Increase of Amplitude of Scattering of Large-spin Virtual Particle with Increasing Energy 462  (650)
Shuryak E. V. , Production of Muon Pairs with Large Invariant Masses in Hadron Collisions 465  (653)
D'yakonov M.I., Perel' V. I., Possibility of Orienting Electron Spins with Current 467  (657)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.