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VOLUME 14 (1971) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gabovich M.D., Naida A.P., Exchange of Energy Between Collectively-interacting Beams of Positive and Negative Ions 1  (3)
Gordienko V.A., Nikolaev V.I. , Magnetic Anomalies of the Thermal Expansion of Chromium 3  (6)
Romanov V. A., Zhad'ko I.P. , Serdega B.K., Svyatogor L.V. , Photoconductivity of Germanium in a High-frequency Electric Field 5  (9)
Berezina G.P. , Berezin A.K., Zeidlits V. P., Experimental Investigation of the Nonlinear Stages of Development of Ion-acoustic Instability in a Plasma-beam Discharge 8  (13)
Berman I.V. , Brandt N.J., Sidorov V.I. , Superconductivity of Gallium Arsenide at High Pressures 11  (18)
Kompanets O.N. , Letokhov V.S., Narrow Molecular Resonances Upon Saturation of Absorption in Separated Light Beams 12  (20)
Antonov E.N. , Bel'shov M.A., Koloshnikov V.G., Nikogosyan D.N. , Nonlinear Conversion of IR Radiation into Visible Light as a New Method of Absorption Spectral Analysis 15  (23)
Soskin M.S. , Bondarenko M.D., Gnatovskii A.V. , Holographic Method of Amp!itude-phase Correction of Laser Beams 17  (27)
Kopylov V.N., Mezhov-Deglin L.P., Thermal Conductivity of Bismuth at Low Temperatures 21  (32)
Solomko A.A., Maistrenko V.I., Influence of Laser Radiation on Instability in Yttrium Iron Garnets with Parallel Pumping 23  (36)
Yanson I.K. , Verkin B.I., Ostrovskii L.I., Teplitskii A.B., Shklyarevskii O.I., Oscillations of the Conductivity of Tunnel Contacts Containing Uracil in the Barrier Layer 26  (40)
Ermakov G.A., Nadgornyi E.M. , Low-temperature Quenching of the Photomechanical Effect in γ-irradiated NaCl Crystals 29  (45)
Bayukov O.A. , Ikonnikov V.P., Petrov M.I., Seleznev V.N., Smolin R.P., Uskov V.V., Investigation of Fe3BO6 by the Nuclear γ Resonance Method 32  (49)
Rosinskii S.E. , Rukhadze A.A., Rukhlin V.G., Mechanism of Acceleration of Ions on the Front of Ionization of a Gas by a Relativistic Electron Beam 34  (53)
Komissarov V.M. , Spatial Self-modulation of Light as a Result of Absorption 43  (54)
Schreiber J., Handrich K., Curie Temperature and Susceptibility of an Amorphous Heisenberg Ferromagnet (High-temperature Expansion) 37  (57)
Slutskin A.A., Sokolov S.A., Magnetic Breakdown Giant Oscillations of Absorption of Sound by Metals 40  (60)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.