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VOLUME 2 (1965) | ISSUE 6 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Belov K. P., Kadomtseva A. M., Ledneva T. M., Ovchinnikova T. L., Timofeeva V. A., Features of the Temperature Dependence of the Magnetization of Thulium Orthoferrite 161  (253)
Dao Vong Due, Cao Ti, Electromagnetic Splitting of the Masses of the 70-plet in the SU(6) Symmetry Scheme 163  (256)
Baier V. N., Galitskii V. M., Double Bremsstrahlung in Electron Collisions 165  (259)
Kurbatov L. N., Khalilov P. A., Susov E. V., Kharakhorin F. F., Effect of Microwave Radiation on the Electric Conductivity of p-Type Indium Antimonide 167  (262)
Dalidchik F. I., Sayasov Yu. S., Exchange Effect in Elastic Scattering of Polarized Identical Nuclei 169  (266)
Alekseevskii N. E., Kir'yanov A. P., Nizhankovskii V. I., Samarskii Yu. A., Anisotropy of the Mossbauer Effect in Single Crystals of Tin at Low Temperatures 171  (269)
Vlasov M. A., Instability of an Inhomogeneous Plasma 174  (274)
Andronikashvili E. L., Tsakadze D. S., Dependence of the density of Rotating Liquid Helium on the Angular Velocity 177  (278)
Berlovich E. E., Novikov Yu. N., On the Shape of Odd Nuclei of the Transition Region 179  (281)
Volkov D. V., Electromagnetic Form Factors of Baryons and SU(6) Symmetry 181  (284)
Bersuker I. B., Kovarskii V. A., On the Possibility of an Optical Shift of the Mossbauer-Spectrum Lines 182  (286)
Sharvin Yu. V., Observation of Dynamic Intermediate State of Superconductors with the Aid of Microcontacts 183  (287)
Afrosimov V. V., Gordeev Yu. S., Panov M. N., Fedorenko N. V., Ionization and Scattering with Characteristic Energy Losses in Atomic Collisions 185  (291)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.