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VOLUME 14 (1971) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Berezin A.K. , Berezina G.P., Erokhin N.S., Moiseev S.S., Fainberg Ya.B., Influence of Longitudinal Density Gradient on the Transformation and Emission of Transverse Waves from a Beam-plasma Discharge 97  (149)
Bobrovskii G.A., Razumova K.A., Dependence of the Energy Loss from a Tokamak Plasma on the Effective Electron Collision Frequency 99  (153)
Gadetskii N.P. , Tkach Yu.V., Slezov V.V., Bessarab Ya.Ya., Magda I.I., New Mechanism of Coherent-radiation Generation in the Visible Region of the Spectrum in Ionized Oxygen and Nitrogen 101  (155)
Gosteva T.S., Fedyakov V.P., Fine Structure of the Distribution Function of Ions in the Plasma of a Strong-current z Discharge 103  (158)
Zhdan A.G., Chenskii E.V., Artobolevskaya E.S., Gvozdover R.S., Rau E.I., Petrov V.I., Opposing Ferroelectric Domains in SbSI Single Crystals 105  (161)
Kobyzev V.N., Tager A.S. , Current Instability and Microwave Radiation of n-CdHgTe 107  (164)
Kirillov-Ugryumov V.G. , Levina V.I., Ponosov A.K., Protasov V.P., Sergeev F.M. , Production of π+- System of Nuclei at Small Momentum Transfers 110  (168)
Vlasov D.V., Zaitsev V.P., Experimental Observation of Nonlinear Optical Activity 112  (171)
Makshantsev B.K. , Leonov R.K., Yampol'skti P.A. , Destruction of Transparent Dielectrics by Laser Radiation 115  (175)
Karlov N.V. , Konev Yu.B., Prokhorov A.M., Use of Lasers for Selective Breaking of Chemical Bonds 117  (178)
Akhiezer A.I., Rekalo M.P. , Scattering of γ Quanta by Nucleons in the Quark Model 119  (181)
Demirkhanov R.A. , Stotland M.A., Khil Sh.V., Baratov D.G. , Influence of High-frequency Potential of a Toroidal Electric Field on the Trapping of Charged Particles in a Closed Magnetic Trap 122  (184)
Kossyi I.A. , Influence of Longitudinal Streams of Charged Particles on the Diffusion of Plasma in a Stellarator 124  (188)
Dal'karov O.D., Kerbikov B.O., Mandel'tsveig V.B., Shapiro I.S., New Type of Baryon Resonances 127  (191)
Solov'ev V.G. , Correlations Between Reduced Neutron and Radiative Widths on Neutron Resonances in Compound Nuclei with Odd Number of Neutrons 129  (194)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.