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VOLUME 14 (1971) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Golenetskii S.V., Mazets E.P., Cosmic Gamma Radiation in the 0.3 - 3.7 MeV Range 131  (201)
Duboytsev I.A., Sidorenko F.A. , Observation of Small Polarons in β-FeSi with the Aid of the Mossbauer Effect 134  (205)
Nikolaev V.I., Popov F.I., Yakimov S.S., Goryaga A.N., Gridasova T.Ya. , Relaxation and Noncollinearity of the Spins of Iron in the Ferrite Li0.5Fe1.2Al0.7O4 135  (208)
Ivanov N.V. , Kovan I.A., Los' E.V., Generation of Magnetosonic Oscillations in the Tokamak TO-1 138  (212)
Karlov N.V., Karpov N.A. , Petrov Yu.N., Prokhorov A.M. , Stel'makh O.M., Excitation of an Explosion Wave by Initiating a Chain Reaction in a Gas Mixture with CO2-Laser Radiation 140  (214)
Karimov Yu.S. , Vol'pin M.E. , Novikov Yu.N., Layered Compounds of NiCl2 and CoCl2 with Graphite as Two-dimensional Heisenberg Ferromagnets 142  (217)
Tolmachev A.V., Kuz'michev V.M., Use of Liquid Crystals Make Infrared Radiation Visible 144  (220)
Trunov V.A., Yagud A.Z. , Egorov A.I. , Dmitriev R.P., Ul'yanov V.A., Investigation of Metamagnetic Transition in FeCl2 with the Aid of Polarized Neutrons 146  (223)
Vdovin V.L. , Zinov'ev O.A., Ivanov A.A., Kozorovitskii L.L., Parail V.V., Rakhimbabaev Ya.R. , Rusanov V.D., Excitation of Magnetosonic Resonance in the Tokamak Plasma 149  (228)
Kraftmakher G.A. , Meriakri V.V., Chervonenkis A.Ya ., Domain-wall-connected Natural Resonance at Submillimeter Wavelength in Orthoferrites 152  (231)
Fateeva N.S., Vereshchagin L.F., Melting Curve of Molybdenum up to 90 kbar 153  (233)
Gonchukov S.A. , Porodinkov O.E. , Protsenka E.D., Semchishev V.A., Interaction of Three Modes of a Gas Laser in the Locking Region. 155  (235)
Bykovskii Yu.A., Gryukhanov M.F., Degtyarev V.G., Degtyarenko N.N., Elesin V.F., Laptev I.D., Nevolin V.N., Angular Distribution of the Ions of a Laser Plasma 157  (238)
Pil'shchikov A.I., Syr'ev N.E., Features of the Resonance of Domain-boundary Displacement in a Disk 159  (242)
Sukhroukov A.P. , Khokhlov R.V., Shumilov E.N., Dynamics of Clearing Clouds with a Laser Beam 161  (245)
Basov N.G. , Markin E.P., Oraevskii A.N. , Pankratov A.V. , Skachkov A.N., Stimulation of Chemical Processes by Infrared Laser Radiation 165  (251)
L'vov O.I., Pavinskii P.P., Biexciton in Cu2O Crystal 167  (253)
Alekseevskii N.E. , Djir P., Nizhankovskii V.I., Concerning Magnetic Breakdown in Beryllium 169  (256)
Kirzhnits D.A., Chechin V.A. , Cosmic Rays and the Elementary Length 172  (261)
Voronel' A.V. , Thermodynamic Quantities near the Crystalization Points of Liquids 174  (263)
Popov V.S., Rozhdestvenskaya T.I., Critical Charge in Collisions of Nuclei 177  (267)
Zel'dovich Ya. B. , Generation of Waves by a Rotating Body 180  (270)
Gribnikov Z.S., Mitin V.V., Domain Structure of Multivalley Semiconductor in the Myltiply-Valued Sasaki Effect 182  (272)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.