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VOLUME 2 (1965) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Ivanov A. G. , Mineev V. N., Novitskii E. Z., Yanov V. A., Bezrukov G. I., Anomalous Polarization of Sodium Chloride Under Impact Loading 223  (353)
Rusanov V. D., Smirnov V. P., Investigation of Oblique Magnetic-Sound Waves of Large Amplitude 225  (356)
Kirkinskii V. A., Ryaposov A. P., Melting Curve of Antimonide up to 15000 kg/cm2 Pressure 227  (361)
Morozov A. I., Even Acousto-Electric Effect in Zinc Sulfide Crystals 228  (362)
Kogan Sh. M., Lifshitz T. M., Sidorov V. I., Recombination Radiation Stimulated in Silicon by Long-Wave Infrared Radiation 230  (365)
Vdovin V. L., Convective Instability of a Plasma Which is Not Uniform Along the Magnetic Field 232  (369)
Nikolaev V. I., Yakimov S. S., Dubovtsev I. A., Gavrilova Z. G., Magnetic Structure of the Compound FeGe 235  (373)
Voronov G. S., Delone G. A., Delone N. B., Kudrevatova O. V., Multiphoton Ionization of the Hydrogen Molecule in the Strong Electric Field of Ruby Laser Emission 237  (377)
Ermakov B. A., Lukin A. V., Mak A. A., Prilezhaev D. S., Monopulse Generation with CaF2:U3+ Crystals 239  (380)
Zakharov V. I., Tyutin I. V., Effect of Mass Splitting Within the Baryon Octet on BB Scattering 240  (383)
Kut'in V. M., Petrukhin V. I., Prokoshkin Yu. D., Search for π0 → 3γ Decay 243  (387)
Lutskii V. N., Features of Optical Absorption of Metallic Films in the Region Where the Metal Turns Into a Dielectric 245  (391)
Sandomirskii V. B., Transition of Semiconductors to a Superconducting State Under the Influence of the Field Effect 248  (396)
Blinov P. I., Gavrilov B. I., Zakatov L. P., Cheremnykh P. A., Electron Heating in the TN-1 Installation 250  (398)
Koval' A. A., Kopanets E. G., Korda Yu. S., Sukhotin L. N., Tsytko S. P., Excitation Function of the Reaction S36(pγ)Cl37 In the Interval Ep = 1.4 - 2.1 MeV 252  (402)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.