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VOLUME 2 (1965) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Vovenko A. S., Gus'kov B. N., Likhachev M. F.,Lyubimov A. L., Matulenko Yu. A., Savin I. A., Stavinskii V. S., Elastic 180° Scattering of π+ Mesons by Protons at High Energies 255  (409)
Manenkov A. A., Danileiko Yu. K., Concentration and Temperature Dependences of the Spin-lattice Relaxation Times in Ruby at Helium Temperatures. Relaxation in Zero Magnetic Field 257  (414)
Chechkin V. V., Vasil'ev M. P., Grigor'eva L. I., Longinov A. V., Smerdov B. I., Resonant Heating of a Plasma by a High-frequency Field 260  (418)
Lifshitz T. M., Oleinikov A. Ya., Shul'man A. Ya., Scattering of Electron-gas Energy in n-InSb at Helium Temperatures 262  (423)
Blinov P. I., Zakatov L. P., Plakhov A. G., Chikin R. V., Shapkin V. V., Influence of the Mirror Ratio on Plasma Heating by an Electron Beam in a "Probkotron" 264  (426)
Gaponov A. V., Gol'deriberg A. L., Grigor'ev D. P., Orlova I. M., Pankratova T. B., Petelin M. I., Induced Synchrotron Radiation of Electrons in Cavity Resonators 267  (430)
Platonenko V. T., Khokhlov R. V., Stimulated Raman Scattering and Parametric Processes 269  (435)
Shekun L. Ya., Parameters of Crystalline Field of Tetragonal Centers in Crystals with Scheelite Structure 271  (437)
Anisovich V. V., Simple High-energy Scattering Model 272  (439)
Kirzhnits D. A., Maksimov E. G., Critical Temperature of Thin Superconducting Films 274  (442)
Shabalin E. P., CP-odd Weak Interaction 276  (446)
Sokolov A. A., Pavlenko Yu. G., Contribution to the Quantum Theory of Stimulated Emission of Electrons in Crossed Fields 279  (449)
Boldyshev V. F., Correlation of Internal-conversion Electron Polarization 280  (451)
Dubovikov M. S., Concerning One Possible Method of Determining Isobar Parity 282  (454)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.