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VOLUME 2 (1965) | ISSUE 10 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Akhmanov S. A., Ershov A. G., Fadeev V. V., Khokhlov R. V., Chunaev O. H., Shvom E. M., Observation of Twodimensional Parametric Interaction of Light Waves 285  (458)
Gol'ts E. Ya., Sadkovich N. P., Electric Explosion of a Mercury Jet 288  (463)
Kobzarev I. Yu., Okun' L. B., Terent'ev M. V., A Note on C-odd Multipoles 289  (466)
Shapiro V. D., Plasma Heating by a Stochastic Field 291  (469)
Voron'ko Yu. K., Kaminskii A. A., Osiko V. V., Effect of Hard Radiation on the Optical Centers of TR3+ Ions in Crystals 294  (473)
Smirnov B. M., Firsov O. B. , Ionization of an Atom Colliding with an Excited Atom 297  (478)
Danilychev V. A. , Ionization of Donor Atoms in n-InSb by a Microwave Electric Field 300  (482)
Shekhter V. M. , Lepton Decay of Vector Mesons 302  (486)
Adamovich M. I., Larionova V. G., Lebedev A. I., Kharlamov S. P., Yagudina F. R., Determination of the γπρ Interaction Constant 305  (490)
Dolgov A. D., Charge-parity Violating Electromagnetic Interaction 308  (494)
Rekalo M. P., Constants of Interaction of Vector Mesons with Nucleons. Photoproduction of π0 and η Mesons on Nucleons and Electromagnetic Form Factors of Nucleons 309  (497)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.