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VOLUME 3 (1966) | ISSUE 1 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Babaev A. I., Balats M. Ya., Myasishcheva G. G., Obukhov Yu. V., Roganov V. S., Firsov V. G., Observation of Atomic Muonium in Crystalline Quartz 1  (3)
Tsolich P., Tsukerman I., The Decays V\to\gamma +\ell^ +\ell^- and C-noninvariance of Electromagnetic Interaction 1  (4)
Dubovikov M. S. , Use of a Polarized Proton Target to Determine Isobar Parity 4  (8)
Kulagin S. G., Likhachev V. M., Markuzon E. V., Rabinovich M. S., Sutovskii V. M., States with Population Inversion in a Self-compressed Discharge 6  (12)
Zolin L. S., Kirillova L. F., Lu Ch'ing-ch'iang, Nikitin V. A., Pantuev V. S., Sviridov V. A., Strunov L. N., Khachaturyan M. N., Shafranova M. G., Korbel Z., Rob L., Devinski P., Zlatanov Z., Markov P., Khristov L., Chernev Kh., Dalkhazhav N., Tuvdendorzh D., Real Part of the pn Scattering Amplitude in the Energy Interval 2-10 GeV 8  (15)
Shekhter V. M., Broken Unitary Symmetry and Possible Ω-(1875) 12  (21)
Elesin V. F., Manykin E. A., Possible Realization of Negative Conductivity with Nonequilibrium Carriers in Semiconductors 15  (26)
Esel'son B. N., Dyumin N. E., Rudavskii E. Ya., Serbin I. A., Experimental Observation of Fourth Sound in He3-He4 Solutions 18  (32)
Dmitriev I. S., Vinogradova L. I., Nikolaev V. S., Popov . ., Autoionization of Fast Lithium-like Nitrogen and Oxygen Ions after Passage through a Solid 20  (35)
Ivanov G. K., Sayasov Yu. S., Direct Atomic-molecular or Ionic-molecular Reactions 23  (40)
Bogdanov V. S., Jump in Volume and Melting Curve of Cesium at Pressures up to 17,000 kg/cm2 26  (44)
Geilikman . ., Kresin V. Z., Jump in Specific Heat on Going from the Superconducting to the Normal State 28  (48)
Chaban A. A., Amplification of Anomalous Elastic Wave in a Transverse Electric Field 31  (52)
Belenov E. M., Markin E. P., Morozov V. N., Oraevskii A. N., Interaction of Traveling Waves in a Ring Laser 32  (54)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.