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VOLUME 3 (1966) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Nikol'skii S. I., Inelastic Interactions of Rucleons and Nuclei at High Energy 97  (153)
Dubovikov M. S., Use of a Helium Target to Determine the Spin and Parity of Multimeson Resonances 99  (156)
Rekalo M. P., Check of C-invariance in Photoproduction of Strongly-interact ing Particles 101  (160)
Basiladze S. G., Ermolov P. F., Oganesyan K. O., Cross Section for the Production of Charged Pions in (n-p) Collisions at a Neutron Effective Energy 585 keV 103  (163)
Askar'yan G. A., Optocaloric Effect (Amplification of the Atomic Interaction and Cooling of the Medium) in a Laser Beam 105  (166)
Fetisov V. N., Influence of the Structure of Three-particle Nuclei on the Photodisintegration Cross Section 108  (170)
Andronikashvili E. L., Bedbenova D. S., Politov N. G., Tsakadze D. S., Scattering of Cold Neutrons in Irradiated KBr and NaCl Crystals 110  (173)
Al'tshuler S. A., Use of Substances Containing Rare-earth Ions with Even Number of Electrons to Obtain Infralow Temperatures 112  (177)
Bogod Yu. A., Eremenko V. V., Magnetoresistance of Bismuth in Strong Magnetic Fields 114  (180)
Kulik I. O., Nonstationary Phenomena in the Mixed State of Superconductors of the Second Kind 116  (183)
Borzhkovskii I. A., Volovik V. D., Kobizskoy V. I., Shmatko E. S., Measurement of the Polarization of Coherent Radio Emission of Extensive Air Showers (EAS) 118  (186)
Fomin P. I., Concerning the Possible Role Played by Gravitation in the Problem of the Mass of an Elementary Particle 120  (190)

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