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VOLUME 3 (1966) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Baldin A. M., Electromagnetic Interactions in the Quark Model 171  (265)
Lobashov V. M., Nazarenko V. L., Saenko L. P., Smotritskii L. M., Kharkevich G. I., Parity Nonconservation in Radiative Transition of Lu175 173  (268)
Popov S. N., Two Operating Modes of a Plasma Source 177  (275)
Livshitz B. L., Nazarov V. P., Sidorenko L. K., Tursunov A. T., Tsikunov V. N., Features of the Time Behavior of the Generation in a Laser with Moving Ruby Crystal 179  (279)
Balkarei Yu. M., Khomskii D. I., Lattice Stability in the Phononless Mechanism of Superconductivity 181  (281)
Akhtyamov O. S., A Possible Experiment for Finding Superconductors with Different Pair Multiplicity 183  (284)
Ivanov-Omskii V. I., Kolomiets B. T., Smirnov V. A., Spectrum of Electromagnetoluminescence in InSb 185  (287)
Korolyuk A. P., Matsakov L. Ya., Doppler Splitting of Acoustic Cyclotron Resonance Lines in an Oblique Magnetic Field in Antimony 188  (291)
Kosarev E. L., Resolution of the Spectrum of an Open Resonator with the Aid of an Echelette Grating 190  (295)
Smirnov Yu. F., Neudachin V. G., Investigation of the Electronic States of Atoms, Molecules, and Solids by Quasielastic Knock-on of an Electron by a Fast Electron (e, 2e) 192  (298)
Korobkin V. V., Leontovich A. M., Popova M. N., Shchelev M. Ya., Dynamics of the Field and Generation Frequency in a Giant Pulse of a Laser with Passive Shutter 194  (301)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.