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VOLUME 3 (1966) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Agranovich V. M., Dubovskii O. A., Effect of Retarded Interaction on the Exciton Spectrum in One-dimensional and Two-dimensional Crystals 223  (345)
Askerov B. M., Gashimzade F. M., Contribution to the Quantum Theory of Electric Conductivity of Semiconductors with Non-standard Band 226  (350)
Kornilov E. A., Fairiberg Ya. B., Bolotin L. I., Kovpik O. F., Suppression of Low-frequency Oscillations in Two-stream Instability by Prior Modulation of the Electron Beam 229  (354)
Bass F. G., A New Resonance Connected with Mutual Dragging of Electrons and Phonons 231  (357)
Blinov L. M., Vavilov V. S., Galkin G. N., Photo-emf of p-n Junction in a Strongly Excited Semiconductor 234  (361)
Goncharov I. N., Khukhareva I. S., Anomalous Behavior of jc(H, T) of Heat-treated Nb - 75% Zr Alloys 236  (365)
Tager A. S., Concerning One possible Mechanism of Instability of an Electron Plasma in a Crystal 239  (369)
Akhmanov S. A., Kovrigin A. I., Kolosov V. A., Piskarskas A. S., Fadeev V. V., Khokhlov R. V., Tunable Parametric Light Generator with KDP Crystal 241  (372)
Krivokhizha S. V., Mash D. I., Morozov V. V., Starunov V. S., Fabelinskii I. L., Induced Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering in Single-crystal Quartz at temperatures 2.1 - 300K 245  (378)
Krizhanskii L. M., Rogozev B. I., Popov G. V., On the Sign of the Change of the Charge Radius of the Sn119 Nucleus 248  (382)

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