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VOLUME 4 (1966) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Galanin M. D., Chizhikova Z. A., Effective Cross Sections of Two-photon Absorption in Organic Molecules 27  (41)
Vorob'ev V. S., Yakubov I. T., Causes of Formation of a Radiation Peak Behind a Shock Wave in a Nonequilibrium Gas 28  (43)
Vladimirov V. V., Volkov A. F., Possibility of Exciting Cyclotron Instability in Semiconductors 30  (46)
Timofeev A. V., Cyclotron Radiation Flashes 32  (48)
Gorelik V. S., Zubov V. A., Sushchinskii M. M., Chirkov V. A., Possibility of Observing Induced Infrared Radiation in Raman Scattering of Light 35  (52)
Zaitsev G. I., Starunov V. S., Angular Distribution of Intensity in the Thermal Wing of the Rayleigh Line in Liquids 37  (54)
Borovik-Romanov A. S., Prozorova L. A., Coupling Between Two Spin Oscillation Modes in Antiferromagnetic Resonance 39  (57)
Basov N. G., Oraevskii A. I., Shcheglov V. A., Beam Laser for the Infrared Band 41  (61)
Gol'danskii V. I., Levisheva M. N., Makarov E. F., Novikov G. V., Trukhtanov V. A., Sign of the Magnetic Field at Tin Nuclei in a Ferrodielectric Matrix 42  (63)
Kaminskii V. A., Calculation of the Direct Reaction C12(n, n')C12*(2+) by the Dispersion Method 43  (64)
Kirzhnits D. A., Livshitz M. A., Contribution to the Theory of Nonrenormalizable Interactions 46  (68)
Begzhanov R. B., Gladyshev D. N., Sadykov Kh. M., Teshabaev K., Lifetimes of the Excited Levels of Pm151 48  (71)
Polyakov A. M., Some Consequences of the Algebra of Weak and Electromagnetic Currents 50  (74)
Gedalin E. V., Laperashvili L. V., Matinyan S. G., Chkareuli Dzh. L., Current Commutators and Radiative Decays of the η Meson 53  (78)
Zel'dovich Ya. B., Vortex Isomers of Nuclei 53  (78)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.