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VOLUME 4 (1966) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Stishov S. M., Tikhomirova N. A., Tonkov E. Yu., The Maximum on the Melting Curve of Tellurium 111  (161)
Khaikin M. S., Oscillatory Dependence of the Surface Impedance of a Metal on a Weak Magnetic Field 113  (164)
Pavlovskii M. N., Drakin V. P., Concerning the Metallic Phase of Carbon 116  (169)
Mikaelyan A. L., Bobrinev V. I., Noise Limitations on the Reconstruction of Three-dimensional Pictures 118  (172)
Gershtein S. S., Zel'dovich Ya. B., Rest Mass of Muonic Neutrino and Cosmology 120  (174)
Askar'yan G. A., Rabinovich M. S., Smirnova A. D., Stepanov V. K., Studenov V. B., Excitation of Signals in a Negatively Charged Post of an Antenna under the Influence of an Unfocused Laser Beam 122  (177)
Varshalovich D. A., Coherent Amplification of Radio Emission in a Cosmic Medium 124  (180)
Zuev V. S., Letokhov V. S., Senatskii Yu. V., Giant Superluminescence Pulses 125  (182)
Belov K. P., Sokolov V. I., Magnetostriction of Rare-earth Gallate Garnets 127  (186)
Kontorovich V. M., Influence of Thermal Expansion on the Singularities of the Kinetic Coefficients at the Curie Point 129  (189)
Vainshtein A. I., Sokolov V. V., Khriplovich I. B., Pion Electroproduction and Axial Current 132  (193)
Aleksandrov Yu. A., Samosvat G. S., Sereeter Zh., Tsoi Gen Sor, Scattering of Kilovolt Neutrons by Lead and Electric Polarizability of the Neutron 134  (196)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.