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VOLUME 14 (1971) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Gershenzon E.I. , Gol'tsman G.N., Mel'nikov A.P., Binding Energy of a Carrier with a Neutral Impurity Atom in Germanium and in Silicon 185  (281)
Zagoruiko N.V. , Savenko V.I., Bekkauer N.N., Estimate of Charge Density on Dislocations in NaCl Crystals 186  (283)
Buzukov A.A., Teslenko V.S. , Sonoluminescence Following Focusing of Laser Radiation into a Liquid 189  (286)
Sysoev V.M. , Spectrum of Collective Excitations in Liquid 4'He 191  (289)
Alekseev L.A. , Gruzin P.L. , Uspenskii M.N., Gryaznov M.R. , Temperature Dependence of the Probability of the Mossbauer Effect in Yttrium - iron Garnets 192  (292)
Alekseev V.A. , Nature of the Electric Conductivity of Metals in the Transcritical State 195  (295)
Andronikashvili E.L. , Ashimov S.M., Tsakadze Dzh.S. , Influence of Reactor Irradiation at Helium Temperature on the Pinning of Abrikosov Fluxoids in Single-crystal Niobium 197  (299)
Bilak V.I. , Zverev G.M. , Karapetyan G.O., Onishchenko A.M., Excitation Energy Transfer between Trivalent Rare-earth Ions, Stimulated by a Radiation Field 199  (301)
Pogorelin A.M., Kotov V.V., Observation of Bound Electron-nuclear Oscillations in Ferromagnetic Films 202  (305)
Aronov A.G. , Krigel V.G., Farbshtein I.I. , Scattering by Quasistationary State in Tellurium 203  (307)
Zaushkin V.V., L'vov V.S. , Musher S.L., Starobinets S.S., Proof of Stage-by-stage Excitation of Parametric Spin Waves 206  (310)
Kaitmazov S.D. , Medvedev A.A., Prokhorov A.M., Effect of a 400-kOe Magnetic Field on a Laser-spark Plasma 208  (314)
Andryukhina E.D., Blanken R. , Voronov G.S. , Donskaya N.P., Rabinovich N.S., Smirnova A.D., Fedyanin O.I., Khol'nov Yu.V., Shpigel' I.S., Injection of Laser Plasma into a Stellarator 210  (317)
Budker G.I., Mirnov V.V., Ryutov D.D., Influence on Corrugation of the Magnetic Field on the Expansion and Cooling of a Dense Plasma 212  (320)
Malin V.N. , Petrosyan V.I., Skripkina P.A., Tavger B.A., Dagmah E.I., Blokh M.D., Quantum Size-effect Semimetal-semiconductor Transition in Ultrathin Bismuth Films 215  (323)
Stishov S.M., Fedosimov V.I., Thermodynamics of the Melting of Argon 217  (326)
Dyadyusha G.G. , Przhonskaya O.V. , Tikhonov E.A., Shpak M.T., Intense Fluorescence from the Second Excited State of Molecular Solutions of Organic Dyes 220  (330)
Kaminskii A.A. , Temperature Pulsations and Multifrequency Generation of YAl03:Nd3+ 222  (333)
Kodess B.N., Shekhtman V.Sh. , Superconductivity and Structure of Compounds Based on Niobium and Vanadium 225  (338)
Kulik I.O., Critical Temperature of Amorphous Superconducting Films 228  (341)
Kostadinov I.Z. , Asymptotic Behavior of the Electric Conductivity in Disordered Structures 231  (345)
Shklovskii B.I. , Efros A.L., Yanchev I.Ya., Activation Energy of Jump Conductivity 233  (348)
Alodzhants G.P., Silin V.P., Spin Waves in NonferromagnetiÓ Metals with Open Fermi Surfaces 236  (351)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.