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VOLUME 79 (2004) | ISSUE 3 | PAGE 131
Coexistence of different vacua in the effective quantum field theory and Multiple Point Principle
PACS: 11.30.Fs, 12.90.+b, 64.10.+h
According to the Multiple Point Principle our Universe is on the coexistence curve of two or more phases of the quantum vacuum. The coexistence of different quantum vacua can be regulated by the exchange of the global fermionic charges between the vacua, such as baryonic, leptonic or family charge. If the coexistence is regulated by the baryonic charge, all the coexisting vacua exhibit the baryonic asymmetry. Due to the exchange of the baryonic charge between the vacuum and matter which occurs above the electroweak transition, the baryonic asymmetry of the vacuum induces the baryonic asymmetry of matter in our Standard-Model phase of the quantum vacuum. The present baryonic asymmetry of the Universe indicates that the characteristic energy scale which regulates the equilibrium coexistence of different phases of quantum vacua is about 106 GeV.