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VOLUME 4 (1966) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Arutyunyan F. R., Ispiryan K. A., Oganesyan A. G., Frangyan A. A., Resonance Radiation of Electrons of Energy up to 600 MeV in a Layered Medium 187  (277)
Meshcheryakov V. A., Consequences of Crossing Symmetry for π N-scattering S Waves 190  (282)
Raizer Yu. P., Suppression of Self-focusing of Light Beams and Stabilization of a Plane Wave in a Weakly Absorbing Medium 193  (286)
Khaikin M. S., Krasnopolin I. Ya., Nonlinearity of Resistance of a Metallic Point Contact and Detection of Microwaves at Helium Temperatures 196  (290)
Lifshitz T. M., Musatov A. L., Photoelectronic Emission from Aluminum - Aluminum Oxide - Gold Film System 199  (295)
Baikov I. S., Hydrodynamic Drift-dissipative Instabilities of a Plasma with Non-uniform Temperature 201  (299)
Sobolev N. N., Sokovikov V. V., A Mechanism Ensuring Level Population Inversion in C02 Lasers 204  (303)
Vainshtein L. A, Pikel'ner.S. S., Possibility of Identifying the Lines of the Quark-atom Mg-q II and Hq in the Spectrum of the Sun 207  (307)
Isaeva R. V., Character of Conduction-electron Reflection from the Surface of Copper Whiskers 209  (311)
Anfisov A. B., Nikolaev V. I., Mossbauer Effect on Fe57 Impurity Nuclei in MnAu2 212  (315)
Gorshkov V. G., Gribov V. N., Lipatov L. N., Frolov G. V., Doubly Logarithmic Asymptotic Expression in Quantum Electrodynamics 215  (321)
Ogievetskii V. I., Polubarinov I. V., Consistent Relativization of a SU(6) Group for Two-particle Reactions 218  (325)
Shapiro I. S., Kolybasov V. M., The Treiman-Yang Criterion for Particles with Spin 221  (329)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.