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VOLUME 4 (1966) | ISSUE 9 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Westervelt P. J., Efficiency of Generation and Possible Observation of Gravitational Radiation 225  (333)
Zaitov M. M., Shekuri L. Ya., Effect of Uniaxial Compression on the Paramagnetic Resonance of Nd3+ in CaWO4 228  (338)
Litvak A. G., Self-focusing of Powerful Light Beams by Thermal Effects 230  (341)
Kupriyanov S. E., Mass-spectrometric Observation of Long-lived Auto-ionization States of the Ions Ca+ and Sr+ 233  (345)
Bresler M. S., Parfen'ev R. V., Red'ko N. A., Shalyt S. S., Wernst Effect in n-InSb in a Quantizing Magnetic Field 235  (348)
Popov Yu. S., Electrostatic Instability of a Bounded Ion Beam 238  (352)
Stefanov V., Simova P., Kircheva P., Polarization of Anthracene Fluorescence Excited by Two Photons 239  (355)
Ivanchenko Yu. M., Effect of Delay on the Form of the Tunnel Characteristics of Superconductors 242  (358)
Mashovets D. V., Shalyt S. S., Oscillations of the Magnetoresistance of Tellurium 244  (362)
Bagaev V. S., Berozashvili Yu. N., Keldysh L. V., Electrooptical Effect in GaAs 246  (364)
Makarov V. I., Volynskii I. Ya., Effect of Impurities on the Topology of the Fermi Surface of Indium 249  (369)
Vinogradov E. A., Irisova N. A., Mandel'shtam T. S., Prokhorov A. M., Shmaonov T. A., Resonance Absorption of the V3+ Ion in Corundum at 1.21 mm Wavelength 252  (373)
Ioffe B. L., Use of Current Algebra to Calculate Radiative Corrections to the 3-Decay Constant in the Theory with Intermediate Boson 254  (376)
Zaretskii D. F., Urin M. G., Structure of Isobaric Analog States in Heavy Nuclei 255  (379)
Zel'dovich Ya. B., Denial of SU(3) Symmetry in Strong Interactions 257  (381)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.