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VOLUME 5 (1967) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kurnosov V. V., Pleshkov A. A., Petrukhina G. S., Rivlin L. A., Trukhan V. G., Tsvetkov V. V., Emission of a Short Single Pulse by an Injection Semiconductor Laser 63  (77)
Gorazdovskii T. Ya., Hard Radiation from Solids Failing in Shear 64  (78)
Bugai A. A., Roitsin A. B., EPR in Ruby in a Constant Electric Field Without a Magnetic Field 67  (82)
Bareriblatt G. I., Vsevolodov N. N., Mirkin L. I., Pilipetskii N. F., Raizer Yu. P., Destruction of Transparent Materials by Laser Radiation. Formation of Gas Bubbles and Wedging of the Material by Gas Pressure 69  (85)
Grechishkin V. S, Ainbinder N. E., Two-frequency Excitation of Quadrupole Spin Echo 72  (87)
Slutskin A. A., Conduction Electrons with Small Effective Masses 74  (90)
Korenblit I. Ya., "Hot" Optical Phonons in Polar Semiconductors 77  (93)
Pisarev R. V., Sinii I. G., Smolenskii G. A., Anomalous Dispersion of the Faraday Effect in Ferrimagnetic RbNiF3 79  (96)
Perepelkin V. V., Investigation of Kx-7 Direction Correlation in the Decay of Mn54 81  (99)
Stepanov E. P., Aleksandrov A. Yu., Change in the Mossbauer Spectrum of Te125m in the Semiconductor PbTe Following Irradiation in a Reactor 83  (101)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.