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VOLUME 5 (1967) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Al'tshuler S. A., Teplov M. A., Nuclear Magnetic Resonance at Simple Electronic Levels of Rare Earth Ions 167  (209)
Bogomolov V. N., Shul'man S. G., Aronov A. G., Pikus G. E., Obtaining a Falling Voltage-current Characteristic in Semiconductors in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields by Short Circuiting the Transverse Hall Field 169  (212)
Gorelik V. S., Gavrilova I. V., Zheludev I. S., Peregudov G. V., Ryazanov V. S., Sushchinskii M. M., Investigation of the Raman Spectra of Single-crystal NaClCO3 in a Wide Temperature Interval 171  (214)
Zeer E. P., Lundin A. G., Effect of Lattice-distorting Impurities on Photon Magnetic Resonance Spectra 173  (217)
Bagdasarov Kh. S., Kaminskii A. A., Lapsker Ya. E., Sobolev B. P., Laser with Neodymium-activated α-Gagarinite 175  (220)
Bystrova T. B.,. Voronov G. S, Delone G. A., Delone N. B., Multiphoton Ionization of Xenon and Krypton Atoms at Wavelength λ = 1.06 μ 178  (223)
Goryachev B. N., Ishkhanov B. S., Kapitonov I. M., Piskarev I. M., Shevchenko V. G., Shevchenko O. P., Stucture of the gross section the reaction Ca40(γ, p) 180  (225)
Myasishcheva G. G., Obukhov Yu. V., Roganov V. S., Firsov V. G., Study of the Behavior of Muonium in Scintillating Plastic 182  (227)
Dubinina A. N., Krasitskaya L. S., Determination of the Adiabaticity Parameter ρL/R for an Electron Moving in an Axially-symmetrical Magnetic Trap 184  (230)
Petrakovskii G. A., Smokotin E. M., Temperature Dependence of Single-crystal Lithium Ferrite 186  (233)
Epshtein E. M., Negative Conductivity Produced under the Influence of Hypersonic Flux 188  (235)
Keldysh L. V., Kozlov A. N., Collective Properties of Large-Radius Excitons 190  (238)
L'vov V. S., Starobinets S. S., Scattering of Light by Coherent Spin Waves 194  (242)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.