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VOLUME 5 (1967) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kupriyanov S. E., Ionization of Highly Excited Atoms and Ions of Noble Gases in an Electric Field and Near a Metallic Surface 197  (245)
Denisov F. P., Duisebaev A., Cerenkov P. A., Angular Distributions of Cu64 Recoil Nuclei in the Reaction Cu65(γ, n)Cu64 200  (249)
Iferov G. A., Pokhil G. P., Tulinov A. F., Increase in the Yield of Nuclear-reaction Products when a Single-crystal Target is Used 201  (250)
Parfen'ev R. V., Farbshtein I. I., Shalyt S. S., Complex Oscillation of the Photomagnetic Effect in n-InSb in a Strong Magnetic Field 203  (253)
Oranovskii V. E., Golovei M. P., Anti-Stokes Energy Transfer between Cu and Mn Centers in Electroluminescence of ZnS-Cu, Mn 206  (256)
Askar'yan G. A., Rabinovich M. S., Savchenko M. M., Stepanov V. K., Studenov V. B., Light-reaction Acceleration of Macroparticles of Matter 208  (258)
Gurevich V. L., Magnetic-impurity Resonance in Semiconductors 210  (260)
Letokhov V. S., Stimulated Emission of an Ensemble of Scattering Particles with Negative Absorption 212  (262)
Glazunov V. K., Kitaeva V. F., Ostrovskaya L. Ya., Sobolev N. N., Level Population in Pulsed Argon-ion Laser 215  (265)
Kaganov M. I., Kadigrobov A. M., Lifshitz I. M., Slutskin A. A., Role of Magnetic Breakdown in Galvanomagnetic Phenomena 218  (269)
Geilikman B. T., Kresin V. Z., Thermal Properties of Anomalous Superconductors 220  (271)
Ginzburg V. L., Zharkov G. F., Superfluidity of the Cosmological Neutrino "Sea" 223  (275)
Belavin A. A., Kobzarev I. Yu., The Possibility of Checking the Δ T = 1/2 Rule in Reactions of Single Production of Strange Particles 226  (277)
Privorotskii I. A., Theory of the Domain Wall in Metals under the Conditions of the de Haas - van Alphen Effect 228  (280)
Azbel' M. Ya., Periodic Magnetic Structures and Phase Transitions 230  (282)
Khalatnikov I. M., Sound in a Degenerate Solution of He3 in Superfluid Helium 235  (288)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.