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VOLUME 6 (1967) | ISSUE 3 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Klimenko I. S., Matinyan E. G., Rukman G. I., Reconstruction, in White Light, of Interference-pattern Images Produced by Holograms Obtained by Double Exposure 57  (535)
Komnik Yu. F., Bukhshtab E. I., Observation of Quantum Oscillations of Conductivity in Thin Antimony Films 58  (536)
Plyutto A. A., Belensov P. E., Korop E. D., Mkheidze G. P., Ryzhkov V. N., Suladze . V., Temchin S. M., Acceleration of Ions in Electron Beams 61  (540)
Sviridov A. G., Sobolev N. N., Tselikov G. G., Plasma Gas Temperatures in the Discharges Used for CO2 Lasers 62  (542)
Nomofilov A. A., Sitnik I. M., Slepets L. A., Strunov L. P., Zolin L. S., Real Part of the Elastic π-p Scattering Amplitude in the Coulomb Interference Region at 3.W and 6.13 GeV/c 65  (546)
Magalyas Y. I., Pleshkov A. A., Rivlin L. A., Semenov A. T., Tsvetkov V. V., Modulation and Synchronization of Radiation of a Semiconductor Injection Laser 68  (550)
Frankevich E. L., Rumyantsev B. M., Anthracene Luminescence Quenching by a Magnetic Field 70  (553)
Smagin A. G., Nikol'skaya V. I., Quartz Resonator with Q Close to 120 × 106 at Temperature 2° K 72  (556)
Zhdanov G. B., Tret'yakova M. I., Chernyavskii M. M., Diffraction Generation of Particles b Protons from Emulsion Nuclei in a Pulsed Magnetic Field 74  (558)
Dalidchik F. I., Interference Effects in Collisions of Complex Nuclei 76  (562)
Smirnov B. M., Gas Laser Using Multiply Charged Ions 78  (565)
Dyubko S. F., Svich V. A., Valitov R. A., Submillimeter CW Gas Laser 80  (567)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.