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VOLUME 9 (1969) | ISSUE 2 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Vladimirtsev Yu. V., Golenishchev-Kutuzov V.A., Kopvillem U. Kh., Shamukov N. A., Double Cr53 -Al27 Acousto-magnetic Resonance in Ruby 49  (85)
Deryugin I. A. , Zaporozhets V. V. , Lysenko M. G., Double Ferromagnetic Resonance 51  (89)
Alekseevskii N. E. , Kir'yanov A. P., Concerning the Anisotropy of the Probability of the Mossbauer Effect on Sn119 Nuclei in the Lattice of White Tin 53  (92)
Svirina E. P. , Novikova E. A. , Polivanova E.N. , Anomalous Hall Coefficient in the Region of the Para-process 55  (96)
Bondarenko A. N. , Krivoshchekov G. V., Smirnov V.A, Single-frequency Ruby Laser with Active Q-switch 57  (100)
Delone S.A, Delone N. B. , Donskaya N. P., Petrosyan K. B., Role of field Intensity and Structure of the Atom in the process of Multiphoton Ionization 59  (103)
Zverev G.H. Maldutis E. K., Pashkov V. A., Development of Self-focusing Filaments in Solid Dielectrics 61  (108)
Pliarev R. V., Sinil I. G., Smolenskii G. A., Quadratic Magnetooptic Effects in Ferro- and Antiferromagnets 64  (112)
Tretyakov B. N., Kuritsyn V. B., Investigation of Quadrupole Effects of Second Order in the Intermetallide V3Si 67  (117)
Fesenko E. P., Lutskii V. N., Observation of Non-extremal Sections of the Fermi Surface in Size-quantized Bismuth Films 68  (120)
Smirnov G. V. , Sklyarevskii V. V., Voskanyan R. A., Artem'ev A. N., Nuclear Diffraction of Resonant Radiation by an Antiferromagnetic Crystal 70  (123)
Kapitza S.P. , Rabotnov N. S., Smirenkin G. N. , Soldatov A. S., Usachev L. N. , Tsipenyuk Yu. M., Photofission of Even-even Nuclei and Structure of the Fission Barrier 73  (128)
Vandakurov Yu. V. , Possible Unstable Oscillations of a Neutron Star 76  (133)
Gertsenshtein M. E., Solovei L. G., Radiophysical Methods of Measuring the Rest Mass of the Photon 79  (137)
Radutskii G. M., Tabachenko A. N., Calculation of the Parameters of Low-energy π N Scattering 82  (142)
Rusinov A. I., Superconcductivity near a Paramagnetic Impurity 85  (146)
Aslamazov L. G. , Larkin A. I. , Josephson Effect in Superconducting Point Contacts 87  (150)
Kagan Yu.M., Afanas'ev A.M., Voitovetskii V.K., Interference of Conversion and Photoeffect Processes Upon Absorption of Mossbauer Radiation 91  (155)
Iroshnikov G. S., Electromagnetic Current and Partial Conservation of the Tensor Current (PCTC) 94  (159)
Ioffe B.L., Space-time Picture of γ-Quantum Scattering by Nucleons at High Energies 97  (163)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.