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VOLUME 9 (1969) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Aleshkevich V.A., Arsen'ev V.V., Dneprovskii V.S., Klyshko D.N., Sysoev L.A., Neodimium Laser with Regulated Pulse Duration 123  (209)
Gritsyna V.V., Kiyan T.S., Koval' A.G., Fogel' Ya.M., Emission Produced by Excited Helium Molecules when Solid Targets are Bombarded by Means of Fast Helium Ions 124  (212)
Beterov I.M., Chebotaev P., Three-level Gas Laser 127  (216)
Zubov B.V., Kulevskii L.A., Makarov V.P., Murina T.M., Prokohrov A.M., Two-photon Absorption in Germanium 130  (221)
Golovei M.P., Kosourov G.I., Simultaneous Generation of Two Waves of Double Frequency in a Nonlinear Crystal 132  (225)
Borman V.D., Nikolaev B.I., Troyan V.I., Anomalous Magnetic Senftleben Effect 134  (229)
Brandt N.B., Svistova A.E., Kashirskii Yu.G., Band interaction and Transition from the Metallic to the Semiconducting State in a Magnetic field. 136  (232)
Gorobchenko D.V., Lukashevich I.I., Sklyarevskii V. V. , Filippov N.I., Observation of Interference of Conversion and of the Photoeffect upon Absorption of 26-keV Gamma Quanta by Dy2O3 139  (237)
Zalesskii A.V., Zheludev S., Voskanyan R.A., Nature of the Amplification of the NMR Signal of the Fe57 in Hematite Crystals 142  (242)
Gantmakher V.F.,Fal'kovskii L.A., Tsoi V.S., Influence of Magnetic Surface Levels on the Impedance of Potassium 144  (246)
Basov N.G., Gromov V.V., Koshelev E.L., Markin E.P., Oraevskii A.N., Generation Spectrum of a Chemical Laser Using a Mixture of H2 and Cl2 147  (250)
Azbel' M.Ya., Rakhmanov S.Ya., Surface Effects in a Strong Magnetic Field 147  (252)
Pokrovskii V.L., Khalatnikov I.M., Sound Absorption in Superfluid He near the λ Point 149  (255)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.