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VOLUME 9 (1969) | ISSUE 5 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Velichkina T.S., Golubeva O.N., Shustin O.A., Yakovlev I. A., Investigation of the Domain Structure of a KDP Crystal by Optical Methods 153  (261)
Maksimov G. P., Smirnov V. P., Utyugov E. G., Attenuation of a Magnetosonic Wave in a Turbulent Plasma 155  (265)
Bobrovskii G. A. , Vinogradova N.D., Kuznetsov E.I., Razumova K. A., Transport Coefficients of the Plasma in the Tokamak TM-3 Apparatus 158  (269)
Vesnitskii A. I. , Ostrovskii L. A., Papko V. V., Shabanov V. N. , Pulsed Parametric Generation in Distributed systems 160  (274)
Barkhudarov E.M., Kervalishvili N.A., Kortkhonzhiya V. P., Tsintsadze N. L., Tskhakaya D. O. , Suppression and Parametric Amplification of Ion Sound in a Plasma 163  (278)
Lisitsyn I.M., Shaping of Laser Pulses with the Aid of Two-photon Absorption in GaAs 165  (282)
Abrikosova I. I., Bochkova O. M. , Breakdown of Liquid and Gaseous Helium by a Laser Beam, and Observation of Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering in Liquid Helium 167  (285)
Voronel' A. V., Ovodova T. M., Singularity of Specific Heat Cp at the Critical Point of Lamination of a Binary Solution 169  (290)
Pisarev R. V. , Sinii I. G. , Smolenskii G. A., Turning of Magnetic Sublattices and Anomalies of the Cotton-Mouton Effect in Terbium Iron Garnet and in Hematite 172  (294)
Vasil'ev B.V., Concerning the Gravitational Moment of the Proton 175  (299)
Edel'man V. S. , Cyclotron Waves in Bismuth 177  (302)
Antonov A.V., Vul' D.E. , Kazarnovskii M.V., Possible Method of Obtaining Ultracold Neutrons by Reflection from Moving Mirrors 180  (307)
Rozental I. L., Shukalov I. B. , Concerning the Nature of the Cosmic Isotropic X-Radiation 183  (312)
Shvartsman V. F. , Density of Relict Particles with Zero Rest Mass in the Universe 184  (315)
Nguyen Ngok Thuan, Behavior of the Diffraction Peak for Particles with Arbitrary Spins 187  (318)
Chkareuli Dzh. L. , Transversality of Fields of Vector and Axial-vector Mesons and Helicity Symmetries 189  (321)
Bunatyan G. G. , Dobretsov Yu. P., Dolgoshein B. A., Zhizhin E. D., Kirillov-Ugryumov V. G., Nikitin Yu. P. , Possibility of Detecting the W Boson by Means of the Polarization of the Muons from the W→ μ +ν Decay. 192  (325)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.