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VOLUME 6 (1967) | ISSUE 4 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Asatiani . L., Gazaryan K. A., Ivanov V. A., Zhmyrov V. N., Nazaryan A. A., Ionization Measurement in a Streamer Chamber 83  (571)
Akhmanov S. A., Fadeev V. V., Khokhlov R. V., Chunaev O. N., Quantum Noise in Parametric Light Amplifiers 85  (575)
Atsarkin, Morshnev S. K., Confirmation of Existence of Spin-spin Interaction Temperature in EPR 88  (578)
Kovdrya Yu. Z., Esel'son B. N., Influence of He on the Mobility of Positive Ions in Liquid Helium 90  (581)
Alekseevskii N. E., Mikhailov N. N., Concerning the Superconductivity of V3In 92  (584)
Belov K. P., Sokolov V. I., Anomalies of the Magnetostriction of Samarium and Thulium Iron Garnets at Low Temperatures 93  (586)
Al'tshuler S. A., Zavoiskii E. K., Infrared Laser with .Magnetic Pumping 95  (589)
Stishov S. M., Relation Between the Volume Jump During Melting and the Volume of a Solid at the Melting Point 97  (592)
Polyakova A. L., Threshold of Excitation of Transverse Elastic Waves by a Laser Beam 99  (595)
Letokhov V. S., Self-stabilization of Laser Optic-oscillation Frequency by Nonlinear Absorption in Gas 101  (597)
Achasov N. N., Belinicher V. I., Samkov L. M., ρ-Mesoh Production in π N Collision and the Hypothesis of the Connection Between the ρ Meson and a Conserved Current 103  (600)
Zaslavskii A. N., Ogievetskii V. I., Tybor V., Ninth Pseudoscalar Meson in Broken SUW(6) Symmetry 106  (604)
Khalfin L. A., Real Part of Scattering Amplitude at High Energies and Dispersion Sum Rules 107  (606)
Kalashnikov N. P., Ryazanov M. I., Bremsstrahlung Spectrum of a Fast Electron in a Single Crystal 110  (609)
Kompaneets A. S., Kruzhkova L. A., :Quantum Electrodynamics with Two Fermions. II 111  (611)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.