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VOLUME 9 (1969) | ISSUE 8 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Belyaev Yu. N. , Kiselev A. M., Freidman G. l . , Investigation of Parametric Generator with Feedback in only one of the Waves 263  (441)
Malyutin A.A., Shchelev M.Ya., Investigation of the Temporal Structure of Neodimium-Laser Emission in the Mode Self-locking Regime 266  (445)
Aref'ev I.M., Morozov V., Stimulated Concentration Scattering of Light 269  (448)
Bychkov Yu.F., Vereshchagin V.G., Zuev M.T., Karasik V.R., Kurganov G.B., Mal'tsev V., Temperature Dependence of the Critical Current in Alloys with a Rigidly Pinned Vortex Lattice 171  (451)
Galkin A.A., Kovner S.N., Antiferromagnetic Resonance in CuCl2 2H2O at Low Temperatures 275  (456)
Arkatov Yu. M., Bazaeva A.V., Vatset P.I., Voloshchuk V.I., Klyucharev A.P., Khodyachikh A.F., Total Gross Section of the Reaction He4(γ, pn)H2 278  (462)
Gorshkov V.G., Polikanov V.S., Scattering of X-rays by Hydrogen Atoms 279  (464)
Sidorenko V.L., Stepanov K.N., Nonlinear Scattering of Ion-acoustic Oscillations by Electrons 282  (468)
Alekseev A.I., Features of Photon Echo in a Gas in the Presence of a Magnetic Field 285  (472)
Rashba E.I., Edel'shtein V.M., Magnetic Coulomb Levels Near the Saddle Points 287  (475)
Karpman V.I., Electrosonic Waves in a Plasma with Negative Dielectric Constant 291  (480)
Byalko A.V., Possibility of Galaxy Formation in the Lemaitre Model 293  (483)
D'yakov Yu.E., Influence of Nonmonochromatic Pumping on the Form of the Spectrum of Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering 296  (487)
Vedenov A.A., Rakhimov A.T., Ulinich F.R., Electrodynamics of the "Electronic Crystal" 299  (491)
Smidt V.V., Critical Current of a Superconducting Film in a Mixed State 301  (494)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.