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VOLUME 9 (1969) | ISSUE 11 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Bunkin F. V. , Konov V. I., Prokhorov A. M., Fedorov V. B., Laser Spark in the "slow Combustion" Regime 371  (609)
Basov N. G., Kulakov L. V., Markin E. P., Nikitin A. I., Oraevskii A. N., Emission Spectrum of a Chemical Laser Using an H2-F2 Mixture 375  (613)
Heinrich B., Meshcheryakov V. M., Passage of Electromagnetic Wave through a Ferromagnetic Metal in the Antiresonance Region 378  (618)
Aksel'rod M. M., Tsidil'kovskii I. M. , Two-phonon Processes in Inelastic Electron Scattering in n-InSb 381  (622)
Arkatov Yu. M., Vatset P.I., Voloshchuk V. I., Marchenko V. L., Khodyachikh A.F., Chmil' V.I., Scattering Asymmetry and Polarization of the Photodisintegration Products of 4He 384  (626)
Mints R.G., Quantization of Electron Energy near a Domain Wall 387  (629)
Bar'yakhtar V.G., Borovik A.E., Popov V.A., Theory of Intermediate States of an Antiferromagnet During a First-order Phase Transition in an External Magnetic Field 391  (634)
Belyakov V. A., Aivazyan Yu. M., Quadrupole Diffraction Maxima in Mossbauer Scattering 393  (637)
Fedorov M. A., Nonlinear Effects in a Superconductor in an Alternating Field 394  (639)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.