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VOLUME 9 (1969) | ISSUE 12 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Kurushin A. O., Pan'shin I. A., Podpalyi E. A., Fabrikov V.A., Magnetic Action of Light in the Recording of an Optical Image on a Thin Ferromagnetic Film 399  (645)
Kyzylasov Yu.I., Starunov V. S., Observation of Ultrashort Radiation Pulses in Stimulated Scattering of Light in the Rayleigh Line Wing. 401  (648)
Bychkov Yu. F., Vereshchagin V.G, Zuev M. T., Karasik V. R., Kurganov G. B. , Mal'tsev V. A., Similarity of Longitudinal and Transversie Critical Currents in Superconducting Alloys with Rigidly Pinned Vortex Lattice 404  (652)
Galkin A.A., Ignat'ev O.M., Space-charge-limited Tunnel Current in Al-Al2O3-Al Junctions 407  (657)
Basov N.G., Letokhov V.S., Two-level Gas Laser with Coherent Optical Pumping 409  (660)
Monosov Ya.A., Surin V.V., Observation of Ultrasonic Oscillations in Nonlinear Ferromagnetlc Resonance 412  (664)
Borisov V. S. , Bycheva G. K., Gol'din L. L.,Kondrat'ev L.N., Smorodinskaya I. Ya., Tumanov G.K., Yield of Deuterons Knocked out from the C12 Nucleus by 730 and 1260 MeV Protons 413  (667)
Belov I. N. , Talalaeva E. V., Chernikova L. A., Ivanovskii V. I., Kydryavtseva T.V., Magnetocaloric Effect in Rare-earth Iron Garnets 416  (671)
Abramov A. A. , Lugovoi V. N., Prokhorov A. M. , Self-focusing of Ultrashort Laser Pulses 419  (675)
Urbanovich S.I., Region of Positive Existence of 2S Positronium in a Medium 425  (683)
Rautian S.I., Shalagin A.M, Structure of Lamb Dip for Long- lived Systems in Spatially Blunded Fields 427  (686)
Zaslavskii G.M., Kinetic Equation for a Gas of Solitons 430  (689)
Akhmatkhodzhaev B., Belyaev V.B., Wrzecionko E., Approximaite Solution of the Three-body Problem with a Local Potential 433  (692)
Laperashvili L. V. , Mudzhavidze I. D., Shoikhet V.Kh., Concerning Certain Consequences of the Regge Interaction of Hadrons in the Quark Model 435  (694)
Isakov V.I., Lemberg I.Kh., The Sign of the Product of the Reduced Matrix Elements of E2 Transitions Between the 0+, 2+ and 2+2 States in Even-even Nuclei 438  (698)
Anisovich V.V., Branching Ratio of K→ 3π Decays and Determination of Pion Scattering Lengths 441  (702)
Arbuzov B.A., Electric Form Factor of the Proton at Small Momentum Transfers 443  (705)
Berlovich E.E., Novikov Yu.N., Concerning the Origin of Superheavy Elements 445  (708)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.