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VOLUME 6 (1967) | ISSUE 7 CONTENTS page number of Russian version in brackets
Schoenball R., Speed of Sound in Liquid Neon Near the Boiling Line 199  (719)
Belan V. R., Grigor'yants V. V., Zhabotinskii M. E., Use of Laser to Measure the Cross Section of Stimulated Emission of Matter 200  (721)
Brandt N. B., Svistova E. A., Valeev R. G., Observation of Transformation of a Semiconductor into a Metal in a Magnetic Field 203  (724)
Yanson I. K., Influence of Magnetic Field on the Threshold Absorption of Josephsbn Radiation in Sn-Pb Tunnel Junctions 206  (729)
Zaitsev Yu. N., Stepanov D. P., Gas Laser Frequency Fluctuations 209  (733)
Boiko V. V., Gasparov V. A., Gverdtsiteli I. G., Radiofrequency Size Effect in Molybdenum 212  (737)
Esel'son B. N., Grigor'ev V. N., Mal'khanov V. P., Tolkacheva O. A., Effect of Rotation on the Density of He II 214  (741)
Chekin V. V., Vinnikov A. P., Afanas'ev V. I., Interaction of Impurity Tin in Transition-metal Matrices 216  (743)
Kuznetsov M. E., Shalyt S. S., Phonon Dragging in Bismuth 217  (745)
Itskevich E. S., Fisher L. M., Vanishing of the Shubnikov - de Haas Effect in a Bismuth-Antimony Alloy under Pressure 219  (748)
Churilov G. E., Dmitriev V. M., Mende F. F., Khristenko E. V., Dmitrenko I. M., Nonlinear Effects in Thin Superconducting Tin Films at Microwave Frequencies 222  (752)
Dolgoshein B. A., Lebedenko V. N., Rodionov B. U., Luminescence Induced by Alpha Particles in Liquid Xenon in an Electric Field 224  (755)
Verkin B. I., Kuz'micheva L. B., Sverchkarev I. V., Magnetic Properties of Metals: Solid Solutions of Antimony in Bismuth 225  (757)
Peskovatskii S. A., Eru I. I., BarilovichO. I., Nonlinear Properties of a Superconducting Lead Film at Microwave Frequencies 227  (759)
Nabutovskii V. N., Galvanomagnetic Characteristics under Conditions of the Nonlinear de Haas - van Alphen Effect 229  (762)
Ginzburg S. L., Scattering of Conduction Electrons by an Impurity with Spin 231  (766)
Mints R. G., Quantum Oscillations of Resistance and the de Haas - van Alphen Effect 234  (769)
Zel'dovich Ya. B., Novikov I. D., Physical Limitations on the Topology of the Universe 236  (772)
Kirzhnits D. A., Upper Limit of Elementary Length 238  (774)
Dubovoi E. I., Amplitude Singularities in Two-particle Nuclear Reactions 240  (777)

Permission given by American Institute of Physics is appreciated.